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'Bloodborne' PS4 Rakes 1M Sales Worldwide! Latest Patch Details Out

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"Bloodborne," an action rpg from Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Studio and From Software, has sold more than one million units worldwide barely two weeks after it was launched for PS4.

Gematsu said that the computed unit sale was as of April 5 as Sony announced. It added that the number of units included "both Blu-ray disc sell-through quantities and download version sales on the PlayStation Store."

"'Bloodborne' was a new challenge for us, and our goal was to create a title that took full advantage of the power of PS4. I am thrilled that so many users have been enjoying the extremely rich and detailed world, beautiful melancholic atmosphere and palpable tension of 'Bloodborne.' SCE WWS will continue to bring exciting software titles that offer entertainment experiences only possible on PS4," SCE Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida was quoted as saying.

In an announcement on the Playstation official blog, Masaaki Yamagiwa of the Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Studio said that they are "amazed" and "very grateful" with the way the community embraced the game.

"As you may have seen, we've just announced that 'Bloodborne' has now sold through over one million copies worldwide. Thank you to everyone who has supported the project!" Yamagiwa added.

Along with the great news, Sony also gave additional information on the game's next patch.

"As we confirmed previously, the 1.03 update seeks to reduce certain load times in addition to performance optimizations. The patch also resolves an issue that resulted in abnormal game behavior after many continuous hours of play. Additional fixes will be included as well," Yamagiwa said, as noted on the blog post.

He added that their team is working on a deadline to release the 1.03 patch globally before the month ends.

"We're continuing to monitor popular communities and forums for feedback, in addition to the comments below, so please share any other issues or questions you may have," he said.

As a disclaimer, Sony noted that the online play of the game will be disabled for a short period to give way to server-side updates.

"It has been determined that starting at 1 a.m. PT on a non-Friday weeknight will disrupt the fewest players. We will target this time for any necessary future server maintenance downtime, which will only last a couple hours in each instance," Sony added in its announcement.

For gamers who are experiencing issues with their network, the game developer advised users to check their NAT type to make sure the correct ports are open. Below are the guidelines provided by Sony in the troubleshooting process:

 How to check your NAT type

 Please check your NAT type by following these steps on your PS4.

 PS4 Home Menu -> Settings -> Network -> View Connection Status -> NAT Type

 Check whether it is Type 1, Type 2 or Type 3.

 Online functionality may be restricted when playing under NAT Type 3.

 Ports needed to connect to PSN and Bloodborne's online servers:

 Port number required to connect to PSN:

  • TCP: 80, 443, 3478, 3479, 3480, 5223, 8080

  • UDP: 3478, 3479, 3658

 Port number required to connect "Bloodborne's" online servers:

  • TCP: 18671, 20443

  • UDP:9305, 9306

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