Updated 04:13 AM EST, Mon, Jan 25, 2021

Jeremy Lin Done With Lakers? What’s Next for Linsanity?

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Will Jeremy Lin be bidding goodbye to the Los Angeles Lakers soon? This has been the question of many fans after Lin missed two recent games of his team, reportedly due to a sore knee.

According to NBC Sports, there are only three games left on schedule for the team and Lin may not be interested to participate in these matches.

Mike Bresnahan of the Los Angeles Times explained that the Lakers guard wants to finish the season and the remaining games but "free agency is just over the horizon for the team's second-highest paid player."

"Lin has been in and out of the starting lineup in his only season with the Lakers, averaging 11.2 points while shooting 42.4%, numbers slightly below his career averages," Bresnahan added.

In the same report, it was noted that a recent MRI test on Lin's knee revealed that his injury is not serious and that it was consistent with the results of a surgery he had in 2012.

For his part, Lakers coach Byron Scott refused to comment on Lin's status on the team and their plans moving forward. "We're not going to talk about long term. Let's finish the season out. Then we'll evaluate our talent," he told Los Angeles Daily News.

It was only last summer when Lin was traded to the Lakers from the Houston Rockets and critics have commented that he was not able to perform his best for his new team. He was also not able to secure the spot as the starting point guard after 19 games as Los Angeles Daily News said that Scott had a different offense plan for Lin.

"I want the ball to move so everybody gets a chance to play. It's a matter of understanding the system and being more comfortable with it. I still think he can do that," Scott added, noting that he needs to work on his inconsistency.

The coach also said that even if Lin will stay with the Lakers or leave the team for good, he still wants a "pass-first mind-set from him."

"I'm still old school. I know it's a new age of point guards where they're more score-first than pass-first. But I think the next step for Jeremy as far as running the team, which I thought he did a pretty good job the second half of the season, is just that - thinking with a point guard's mentality of getting other guys involved first," Scott told the Los Angeles Times.

He added that this is still a learning process for Lin in his career in the NBA since he has not been in the league for a very long time.

"He hasn't played a ton of basketball in the NBA. It's still a learning process for him as well. This system is a whole lot different than the system obviously he was in in New York, where it was pretty much dominated by one guy as far as the ball," Scott added.

Will it really be the end of Lin's stay with the Los Angeles Lakers? Fans are surely hoping he will speak up soon and discuss his future career plans.

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