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PS5 vs Xbox Two vs Nintendo NX: News, Rumors & Everything We Know So Far

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We could still be far from the successors of the PlayStation 4, the Xbox One and the Nintendo Wii U, but the web has already got tons of ideas on how these consoles can be better. With millions of gaming enthusiasts spread across the planet, it's interesting to curate the best (and most likely) expectations for the industry's future.

Let's take a look at what's been said about the PlayStation 5, the Xbox Two and the Nintendo NX:

PlayStation 5

The strongest evidence surrounding the existence of a PlayStation 5 comes directly from a Sony representative, if we are to look at previous reports.

DualShockers took note of Masayasu Ito's remarks, SCE Executive VP, who told Nikkei Shinbun, "I think there will be a PS5. However, I don't know what form it'll have. It could be a physical console, or it could be in the cloud."

"But even if the form might change, PS5 Games will be born. This is what we want," Ito added.

According to the Latinos Post, the PS5 is rumored to release in 2020. The outlet also cited reports, which claimed that the console has "greater intention to work alongside the cloud" over anything else. Hard drive support is allegedly cut.

Interestingly, TechRadar cited Dave James' words, resident tech expert from PC Gamer, who questioned, "If there's no actual console, what do the developers target and what do they develop on and how does Sony make its money?"

This makes an interesting argument, and if physical consoles are in danger, Sony may have to think twice before floating everything on air.

Xbox Two

In February, ValueWalk wrote that analysts are predicting the release of the Xbox Two in five years. The outlet thought of such as intriguing, considering the conventional life cycle of previous consoles.

The outlet predicted that Kinect may become a core feature of the Xbox Two once it releases. Whether it makes use of physical media or Blu-ray discs has also been questioned, but ValueWalk is convinced that "at least one more generation" may be grounded on disc-based games.

Meanwhile, the Venture Capital Post cited one possible direction where Microsoft is headed. As told by the outlet, there had been news detailing the company's testing of "games using the Internet."

Reportedly, these games are Xbox titles, and the company is known to do research on cloud-based gaming services.

Nintendo NX

The Nintendo "NX" recently made rounds over the headlines, when CEO Satoru Iwata announced its existence as a new platform. The gaming system is expected to launch as a "brand new concept," and it is thought to be developed alongside a new subscription service.

More information about the "NX" is due next year, but in the meantime, it is said to be the Wii U's replacement, even thought as a console-portable hybrid. For a fact, "NX" is only a codename -- moniker guesses are most certainly welcome.

Which gaming system are you most looking forward to see? Is everybody venturing into cloud?

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