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'MLB 15: The Show' PS4 PS3 PS Vita Features, Reviews & Problems: Should You Get the Game?

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With the arrival of the "MLB 15: The Show" on PS4, PS3 and Vita, gamers and fans of the franchise are definitely expecting a lot of features and changes in the new installment.

Now that the game is available for all to play, Sporting News said its improved graphics, enhanced player personality and additions to Franchise Mode, among others, makes it "even better in areas which it already had been recognized for excellence." However, the outlet noticed that the game was not able to address some parts which needed adjustments.

Below is a rundown of what should be expected of the game including the good and bad in it.



According to Sporting News, "The Show" is always known for a "realistic gameplay experience." It added that there have been changes made like a new ball pursuit logic for outfielders, cleanup of framerate issues and introduction of manager challenges.

"The biggest new gameplay feature for the series though is 'Directional Hitting.' The approach at the plate with Directional is to influence where the ball is hit," Sporting News added.

Various Modes Offering

A similar report on Arcade Sushi noted that players can enjoy a lot of different modes in the game. It will be the first time that gamers can import saves from the previous installment in the Franchise and Road to the Show. "The process is as simple as choosing to load an existing save from the menu, and you're off and running with all the new bells and whistles," the same report added.


The look of the game, according to Sporting News, is consistent with its lighting and technical achievements.

"The lighting, with dynamic sun and shadows and much needed improvements to nighttime as well, is especially notable," said Sporting News, noting that players even have the ability to choose a specific month in exhibition games.


Connection drops and other problems remain

Attack of the Fanboy said the old problems like lag, connection drops and other issues with the game remain in the latest release. It added that some of these issues have something to do with the connection of the players but repeated problems may entail that there is really a concern in the game.

Slow animation

Despite some of the developments made in the game, Arcade Sushi said there are still a lot of animations taking a long time to play and respond before the player can throw the ball.

"And fielder reaction times still aren't as fast as they should be for many of the more skilled position players," the report added.

With all these things considered, Attack of the Fanboy said that the show was able to offer a better look and gameplay but there is still an issue in terms of innovation.

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