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'Pro Evolution Soccer 2016' Release Date, Gameplay & Trailer: Top 5 Features on Wishlist [Rumors]

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"Pro Evolution Soccer 2016" (PES 2016) which is expected to be released in October or November this year will take on its competitor, the more popular "FIFA 2016."

A MasterHerald report indicated that last year's installment of the two games were compared to each other and FIFA 2015 came out as the better game overall especially in terms of features and gameplay.

As we anticipate the coming of the new iteration, what would the players want to see changed in "PES 2016" so that it can be equal to or better than the FIFA installment? Here are some of the top things on the wishlist.


1. Passing and shooting

Total Sportek said the upcoming release should do away wih the "5 bar passing option" and convert it to either assisted, semi-assisted or manual.

"PES 2016 can also introduce passing into space (for yourself to sprint to the ball afterwards) just like Gareth Bale has done on many occasions," the same report added.

As for shooting, it was noted that players would be glad if they will be given the chance to choose on what foot to shoot from by utilizing a 6-axis motion control.

2. Penalty System

User behin posted on the PES 2016 official website forum and noted that the current penalty system of the game is "disappointing."

" I just look for the simple and challenging. Not too complicate[d] and too problem[atic]," the user noted.

3. Off the ball player control

Total Sportek added that this is a "very crucial feature" in terms of gameplay and that it should be improved for the upcoming installment. Players would want some control over off the ball players to make gameplay more unpredictable and "Also during corners, free kicks etc we should be able to control players off the ball."


4. Addition of Classic Teams

It was also discussed in the "PES 2016" website that gamers would want to have classic teams and players just like what they had in old PES games.

"And if we could use them online in friendlies as it would be great to play as classic Brazil against classic Argentina online. They could even do a classic cup or something!" said user Mark in his forum post.

5. Realistic Stadiums

Because of the presence of big teams in the game, Total Sportek said there should also be real-life stadiums for those teams like Olimpico (Roma-Lazio), Veltins-Arena (FC Schalke), Estádio do Dragão (FC Porto), Amsterdam Arena (PSV), Stade de France, Nou Camp, Bernabue.

With these expectations from the players, Konami is probably feeling the pressure to provide a better installment which will exceed the previous release or surpass EA Sports' "FIFA 2016."

TheTrueBrits also provided a wishlist though its YouTube channel. Watch it below: 

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