Updated 11:20 PM EST, Sat, Mar 06, 2021

Paul George NBA Return: How Better Can the Indiana Pacers Be?

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The Indiana Pacers waited for the day when Paul George would come back to the court and play again for the team. It finally happened on Sunday when George returned after almost eight months of recovering from a leg break injury during a Team USA scrimmage game.

It was a game against the Miami Heat on Sunday and George proved that his return could mean that the Pacers will be a lot better with him playing as he was able to make 13 points in 15 minutes and shot consecutive three-pointers during the last quarter of the game, USA Today reported. His presence surely contributed to the 112-89 victory of the Pacers over the Heat.

After missing 76 games due to a broken leg, Pacers coach Frank Vogel said that his team is always better with George around.

"Tough to measure. but certainly we're a lot better with him. We missed him on both ends, but what he's able to do on the defensive end is almost unparalleled in the NBA. Certainly we're a lot a stronger on that end, and (with) the scoring punch he gives us on the offensive end as well," Vogel told USA Today.

Talking about the warm welcome he received from his teammates and fans, George said that it was probably "the greatest moment that I've had."

"It was so hard to not get caught up in the moment," he added in a New York Times report, noting that his recovery took a long time.

After his injury, George was immediately operated to repair the fractures he sustained on his lower leg, and doctors estimated that he would need about a year to rehabilitate and recover.

"I think about it each step I take. Each step gives me flashbacks. It's almost like remembering what happened, and overcoming that, with the next step that I take," George told the New York Times.

The injury did not turn down his hopes of returning to the NBA as he remained positive that he will be able to play for this season. New York Times said he started doing dunks in January then returned to practice late February.

Fans got excited on Saturday when he posted this on his Twitter account: "Time to get some burn Sunday night!!! Can't wait!!!"

"This was just the right time. It had no significance that it was Miami, or it being a holiday. But leading up to this week, we knew time was winding down. Not in the sense of the season ending, but I was starting to feel better and better by the week," George added.

With his debut in the current NBA season, his team and the fans are expecting that he will continune making a big difference in the performance of the Pacers.

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