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'Call of Duty: World at War 2' Release Date, Gameplay & Trailer: Title Out Before 2016? [Rumors]

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The "Call of Duty" installment for 2015, which is rumored to be released at the end of the year, will be developed by American company Treyarch as confirmed by Activision.

Express said that this video game developer is also the one behind top selling franchises "Black Ops", "World at War" and "Ghosts" (Wii U).

On its Twitter page, Treyarch said that "COD in 2015 (is) confirmed."

"We look forward to carrying on the conversation... that is, if we haven't started it already. #InDevelopment," it added.

The last title given by Treyarch, according to Express, was "Call of Duty: Black Ops II" which was released three years ago but is still considered "the franchise's biggest-selling title."

Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg said the company has laid out the plans for this year's "COD" franchise.

"Our 2015 guidance on Call of Duty's new release is flat year-over-year, but we still have a fairly conservative planning assumption. We have Treyarch developing the game. We'll have a larger installed base of next-gen hardware to sell into, and we believe our Q4 new release can be one of our best games yet. So we think the future is bright," he added.

A similar IGN article said that there is still no definite title on the upcoming release but it is expected that Treyarch will possibly name it "World War II".

"A few years ago, the prospect of the Call of Duty franchise shifting back to its World War II roots was a laughable concept, what with the futuristic forward thrust of the series," added IGN.

But it said that this was true until "Black Ops II" "took the fight to 2025" which placed pressure on the "Call of Duty" to push it to the 21st century or even beyond that period.

IGN also noted that the game developer was also burdened with creating a title taken after the "World War II" following the success of "Modern Warfare."

"When the gaming world was going bananas over a contemporary weapons locker, Treyarch was thrown into the hurt locker by dragging CoD fans back to the familiar ancient arsenal of the Second World War," IGN noted.

It will be a good move for it to take the upcoming release to the World War II era which is reportedly now neglected in the gaming space.

Aside from the World War II title, IGN said that it can also be likely that the game will be dubbed "Black Ops 1.5."

Explaining the possible title, the report said that there are only a few games set during the Vietnam war so "there's a whole lot of opportunity for an exploration of Call of Duty set pieces across battles that raged for close to 20 years."

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