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'Frozen 2' Movie News Updates & Release Date: 5 Crossover Guys for Queen Elsa [Wishlist]

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Now that Disney has officially confirmed "Frozen 2," fans of the hit animated film have been speculating about what the sequel has to offer. Beloved characters from the first movie are expected to come back for the follow-up, which includes Queen Elsa, Princess Anna, Olaf, Kristoff, and Sven.

It's exciting what adventures the gang will be involved in for "Frozen 2," but one pressing possibility is the introduction of Elsa's romantic interest. Disney would probably create one character for the Ice Queen, but we compiled a list of five possible crossover guys which could go well with Elsa. Check them out below.

Flynn Rider

Flynn Rider, which was introduced in Disney's 2010 flick "Tangled," could hop into "Frozen 2" and charm his way to Elsa's heart. Aside from his charisma, Disney's official site also noted that the character is popular for his "dashing good looks" and "heart of gold." Though rugged in appearance, the thief-turned-prince "executes some seriously good style executions," the site describes, and even has an excellent singing voice, which could go well with Elsa's anytime they want to do duets together.


Andrew "Andy" Davis of the "Toy Story" franchise is also a good match for Elsa because of his good nature. Pixar describes him as a boy who "can dream up any prop for a good vs. evil scenario that stars all of his toys." For him, the good side always prevails over the bad. This is why he is such a great fit not only for Elsa, but also among the heroes of Arendelle.


Terence, probably the male counterpart of Tinkerbell, is a Dust-talent sparrowman who rises every day before dawn to "help hand out Pixie Dust to the other fairies" in the book "Fairies and the Quest for Never Land," Wikia wrote.

According to the website, Terence is kind, thoughtful, and a fun-loving creature. He also has great knowledge when it comes to the heart. With his friendliness and other wonderful attributes, it is no doubt that Terence will complement Elsa.

Prince Hans

It's probably a little odd to add Prince Hans to this list, but theories have been suggesting that the character could return to Arendelle as a redeemed person and realize that it's always important to be good to others. Besides, we previously reported that a new female villain could face the kingdom in "Frozen 2," so Prince Hans could be out of the picture as a bad guy and instead help Elsa and her friends to defeat the new threat to Arendelle's peace.

Jack Frost

Out of all these rumored romantic interests for Elsa, "Rise of the Guardians" hero Jack Frost is the most popular and highly talked about. Our previous report already tackled the reasons why Jack is a perfect match for Elsa -- reasons which were spearheaded by the fact that the two can both control winter and ice.

This even prompted a petition directed to Disney, pointing out that the two characters are "often pushed away by others and see themselves in a negative aspect" and that "they both [went] through great pain for their sibling." It should be noted that Elsa saved her sister Anna from dying, as did Jack, who sacrificed his own life for his sister's.

The sequel is currently being developed by Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck, the same duo behind "Frozen," Variety reported. Peter Del Vecho is producing the animated film for Walt Disney Animation Studios.

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