Updated 03:54 AM EDT, Wed, Oct 28, 2020

Ricky Martin Expecting Four Daughters Soon? The Truth Revealed!

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Ricky Martin is looking forward to having a daughter.

According to a recent report by El Mundo, the former Menudo member revealed during the Australian radio program "3PM Pick Up," that he is planning to have more children.

"I have to start trying for my little girl. I want to have a big family because kids are wonderful. I was able to choose my sons' gender thanks to in vitro fertilization," Martin told the news outlet, as reported by Fox News Latino.

Back in September, Martin's radio interview in the "Enrique Santos Show" on Univision MIX 98.3 also revealed the singer's plans to expand his family and have plenty of daughters.

"If you ask me if I want to be the father of a little girl, [I'll say] not one, four! I'm just getting started with this fatherhood thing and I'm going for more, I come from a big family and I like noise and chaos in my house," he shared, as quoted by Huffington Post.

The Puerto Rican singer already has six-year-old twin sons named Valentino and Matteo, both had via gestational surrogacy, Fox News Latino noted. Martin also shared that he chose his sons' gender and he aims for the same process for his third child.

Speaking about his sons, Martin revealed that the boys get along so well with each other. But he explained on KIIS FM that the twins would be more balanced out if they have a younger sister.

"As brothers they are very compatible. Both have a dominating personality, but when one decides that he wants to be in charge, the other always lets him," the 43-year-old entertainer said in the radio program, as quoted by Fox News Latino.

Talking to Spanish magazine Elenco, he said that despite his twin sons' bond, the boys also have differences. Matteo seems to take upon Martin's musical talents, while Valentino prefers doing outdoor activities.

"One of them is a drummer. My own drummer told me, 'It's not that he plays the drums, it's that he gets sound from the drum!' That is Matteo," Martin told the magazine, as reported by Fox News Latino. "Valentino is more about peace and love, and at the moment he is going to plants and is always covered in mud. He is more fantastical and I love it. They are so different."

The crooner also told News Corp that his sons don't mind accompanying him in his concert tours, and that playing "backstage at an arena" is normal for Matteo and Valentino. He added that it's "inevitable" for the twins to be inclined towards music because "they have been exposed to music since they were born," particularly when it comes to playing the drums, percussion, and guitar.

Martin is currently on his One World Tour with fellow "The Voice" mentor and close friend Delta Goodrem, Daily Mail reports.

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