Updated 08:47 AM EST, Mon, Dec 06, 2021

Microsoft Surface 3 vs Surface Pro 4: Release Date, Price, Specs & Features Roundup

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Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) has recently released the Surface Pro 3, a tablet set to replace the laptop, and according to the official blog, users have loved the Pro 3 experience so far.

The Surface 3 is a mobile-broadband gadget that is thinner and lighter than what Microsoft has ever shipped, and it runs on the full Windows OS, including desktop applications, full Office, and pen experience that sets it apart from other tablets, starting at the low price of only $499 and can be ordered here.

For the younger generation who loves social media, the Surface Pro 3 also includes a front 3.5MP camera and a rear 8MP one, both of which can take 1080p videos, with the rear camera featuring an autofocus that helps improve the quality photos for images of documents, barcodes, and the like.

Its battery can also last up to 10 hours on video playback, which means that kids can even use it to school without worrying that it will run out of juice anytime.

With Microsoft Surface 3 all set, KDrama Stars already learned some Surface Pad rumors, one of them is that the Surface Pro 4 could be released in July --- yes, it's only a few months away, if there's any truth to the rumors.

According to website Tech And Prince, the reason why the Surface Pro 4 hasn't been announced yet is because Microsoft has been wanting to make the big reveal at an event. If the new device will be unveiled in July, we'll probably hear more about it soon.

PC Pro offered more details however, saying that the Surface Pro 4 is going to have a 2160 x 1440 resolution and with up to 16GB of RAM and a maximum 1TB of internal storage. The downside is that the Surface Pro 4 may exchange power for efficiency, so even though it can be made into a great laplet, its energy use might be reduced by 30%. There will also be a "mini" version that will have an Intel Atom 64-bit processor called the "Cherry Trail", but as with most of the details of the next generation, details have not been confirmed yet. As for the price, PC Pro pegged it to be between $890 - $2,370.

Do you think rumors are true that a new Surface gadget is due out as soon as July this year, and do you think the specs are going to be worth losing battery power over?

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