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Maná New Album 2015: 'Cama Incendiada' to Feature Sexy & Exotic Music

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A combination of sexy and exotic rhythms is the main staple of Maná's upcoming ninth studio album titled "Cama Incendiada."

Fher Olvera, the Mexican rock band's lead singer, is behind the majority of the album's tracks. Speaking to EFE, the musician admitted that he was "crossing through some dark areas after a breakup" at the time when he was writing the songs, adding that each track has its own significance and rhythm, Fox News Latino reported.

The artist also talked about art and explained that it is "for good or for ill, is what is born in your stomach, in your guts, in your testicles, what you really feel like singing."

Olvera continued, "You're born there, you grow up, reproduce and die there. Love sometimes generates so many flames that they can turn (you) into ashes."

The album's music includes "Adicto a tu amor," "Peligrosa," "La Telaraña," and the title single, "Cama Incendiada," which also means, "the burning bed." These tracks highlight the importance of that "very symbolic object where humans spend almost half their lives," Fox News Latino wrote.

Drummer Alex González, on the other hand, shared that the album is "very eclectic," with evolved songs that the band's fans "have followed their entire lives and they're going to recall Maná's beginnings, but with a more up-to-date sound," the news outlet reported. It should be noted that the popular Mexican group didn't make any reference to their home country in the new album, despite the band's constructive criticisms of Mexico in the past.

"Cama Incendiada" was produced by George Noriega, who was also responsible for producing music for other Latino artists such as Jennifer Lopez, Shakira, and Ricky Martin, according to Fox News Latino. Noriega reportedly persuaded Maná to come out of its comfort zone "to try and do different things and risk other things, musically speaking."

In February, Maná's collaboration with pop star Shakira was released. The song, titled "Mi Verdad," conveys "inspiration, peace, and unconditional love" and the "trying times" of humanity, a separate report from Fox News Latino stated.

Maná to Perform in Rock and Rio USA

Maná is also included in the star-studded lineup of Rock in Rio to be held in Las Vegas on May 8-9 and 15-16, 2015. According to the group's website, the band, which currently consists of vocalist/guitarist Olvera, drummer González, guitarist Sergio Vallín, and bassist Juan Calleros, will perform on the Main Stage during Rock and Rio's first weekend.

Maná's genre usually focuses on pop rock, Latin pop, calypso, reggae and ska music, the band's website listed. Their popularity extended to countries such as Australia, Spain, the United States, Western Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

Visit www.rockinrio.com for more information.

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