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WWE WrestleMania 31 Results & Review: Big Wins in Matches! What to Expect in WrestleMania 32

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During WrestleMania 31 on Sunday, the whole WWE was surprised with the return of D-Generation X who turned out during the night to provide assistance to group leader Triple H during his match with Sting.

Independent said the three members of the group, Billy Gunn, Road Dogg and X-Pac, helped out The Game by handing him a sledgehammer but Hall was able to also give Sting a baseball bat for him to fight back. A hit of the sledgehammer to the head earned The Game victory against Sting.

Aside from Triple H, here are the other big winners during WrestleMania 31:

1. Seth Rollins

Rollins has been the favored winner for this match and Bleacher Report said this prediction came true with his victory against Brock Lesnar. He is now the new WWE World Heavyweight champion. The same report said that Lesnar and Roman Reigns tried to deliver their planned moves against each other inside the ring but Rollins was able to seal the win with his Curb Stomp on Reigns. Rollins is considered to be "the first wrestler to win both the NXT and World Heavyweight Championships," as per Bleacher Report.

2. The Undertaker

After being beaten by Brock Lesnar during his last appearance in WrestleMania, The Undertaker proved that he can still end up victorious as he slammed Bray Wyatt during their match. Sporting News observed that the wrestler was able to go back to his "usual ways."

"An entertaining back-and-forth match ended with Wyatt trying to hit his signature Sister Abigail move, only to get it turned into a Tombstone Piledriver," added Sporting News.

3. John Cena

All-American hero John Cena claimed victory against Russian fighter Rusev to get the United States Championship. Despite Rusev making a grand entrance inside a tank, Cena's amazing move, which broke his opponent's maneuver during the near-end of the match, sent Rusev into the corner of the ring, Sporting News said.

4. AJ Lee and Paige

The duo, according to Sporting News, worked closely and waited for the perfect timing to defeat the Bella Twins, who reportedly hurried with their moves.

With all the amazing and remarkable wins at WrestleMania 31, WhatCulture said WWE "should learn from that success and use Mania 31 to plant the seeds for WrestleMania 32."

Set to happen on April 3, 2016 at the Cowboys Stadium in Dallas, Texas, WrestleMania 32 is expected to bring bigger matches and give fans more than what they deserve.

A separate Bleacher Report article said next year's event could potentially feature Triple H versus Reigns since their match has long been talked about. This fight will reportedly highlight on the "rebel-versus-authority angle" which WWE loves to use during big events like WrestleMania.

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