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‘WWE 2K16’ PS4 Xbox One Roster, Gameplay & Release Date: 5 Biggest Features on Wishlist

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With the reported release of the "WWE 2K16" in Playstation 4 and Xbox One this coming fall, fans and gamers are eager to know what changes in features and gameplay they should expect from this upcoming installment.

WrestleZone noted that the first details of the game will be revealed by 2K Sports at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) which will run from June 16 to 18.

According to Christian Today, the release of the "WWE 2K15" still opened a lot of possibilities for development of the next release. This was reportedly due to the fact that users of the game complained of lack of matches and the inability to create female wrestlers. The same report noted that developers of the game tapped gamers for feedback on how to improve what will be coming this year.

Discussing expectations on the game, Christian Today said these are mainly focused on its "graphical display."

"With the game available for the Playstation and Xbox game consoles, gamers playing either are curious on how their favorite WWE stars would look," the report added.

Apart from this, below are the biggest features on the wishlist for "WWE 2K16:"

* Improved commentary

In a report, WWE 2K16 News said that the commentary in the current WWE game is repeated in every match. It added that the excitement for the game is lessened because commentators provide life to a match.

"Some more audio definitely needs to be added to the soundtrack rather than being dull and generic," WWE 2K16 News added.

* Improved and specific rosters

Having a reduced and specific roster, according to WWE 2K16 News, will raise the standards of a game as it will focus on the skills of an elite list of players. It added that eliminating from the roster a favorite but "lesser rated player" should be done by the WWE 2K16.

As for the roster in the upcoming release, Attack of the Fanboy said that there were reports of wrestlers getting scanned for the "WWE 2K16" in some recent WWE events. It added that Sasha Banks has already confirmed her being part of the game even if 2K Games has yet to announce who are the new wrestlers added in this year's release.

* Entertaining gameplay

WhatCulture said that what is needed in the upcoming game is "a more fast paced and almost fantasy filled style" which will make the game fun to play. "WWE 2K15" reportedly brought in so many changes in terms of gameplay but WhatCulture said the realism was "fantastic" but it also made gameplay sluggish and took away some of the fun from the players.

* Training modules

It was added by WWE 2K16 News that the addition of training modules and facilities in the game will aid in the player's preparation for the match because they can test and polish their skills.

* Fully functioning creation suite

Another vital factor shared by WhatCulture is the ability of the players to create a title, diva or arena for the game since the current offering's feature is "virtually nonexistent."

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