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'GTA 6' Release Date & Gameplay Rumors: Should Rockstar Include a Female Protagonist? Top 5 Voice Actress Picks [Wishlist]

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The idea of a female figure to line with Grand Theft Auto's male protagonists has long been thought.

In 2011, Kotaku cited the many roles women play in the franchise -- mothers, girlfriends, nightclub managers and even criminals. Unfortunately, these duties didn't put them as heroines, and at this point, fans are left wondering whether Rockstar has plans in the future.

The lack of a female protagonist has been addressed by Dan Houser, Rockstar Games' co-founder and vice president of creativity, in a 2013 dialogue. He told The Guardian, "The concept of being masculine was so key to this [GTA V's] story."

While "Grand Theft Auto V" seemed to take pride in its host of male protagonists, the co-founder expressed openness to having a female lead someday -- though not necessarily in a "GTA" installment.

Houser said, "In the future, could we do a game with a lead female character? Of course. We just haven't found the right game for it yet, but it's one of the things that we always think about."

"It didn't feel natural for this game but definitely for the right game in the future - with the right themes, it could be fantastic. But for 'GTA V,' this was the organic thing that came up, these were the characters what would display the themes we wanted to think about," he added.

Last year, reports bringing a female protagonist to the rumored "Grand Theft Auto VI" have surfaced. Speculations claimed that the title arrives in 2017, the Christian Post noted.

"GTA VI" has been the subject of never-ending rumors, largely because of the franchise's massive fan base. To date, its location has not been confirmed, though according to our last poll check, fans want it placed in Vice City.

Should we look forward to a female star in "GTA VI"? Only Rockstar can answer, but if we're dealing with heroines, here are five names (and voices) in our wishlist:

1. Jennifer Lawrence

Played by Jennifer Lawrence, Katniss Everdeen is probably the most popular fictional heroine to date. Her character embodies courage, skills and bravery that comes with an unmatched yearning for freedom -- traits vital for survival in the twisted world of "GTA."

Jennifer voicing a female protagonist could attract fans of "The Hunger Games" too, since the movies are wrapping with "Mockingjay Part 2" in November.

2. Shailene Woodley

Shailene Woodley rose to become a heroine as Beatrice Prior in the "Divergent" series. The franchise's second installment, "Insurgent," is currently playing on theaters.

3. Emma Watson

Some rumors point to "GTA VI" being set in London, so who could be the perfect female voice actress other than Emma Watson?

Rising to fame as Hermione Granger in the "Harry Potter" saga, Watson is now credited for her work on feminism, among other activities. Just recently, she's proclaimed as the "Most Outstanding Woman" in the world, Time reported.

4. Chloë Grace Moretz

Known for her portrayal in "Kick-Ass" and "Carrie," Chloë Grace Moretz is young and fresh for a "GTA" role. Do you agree?

5. Idina Menzel

Playing the ice-powerful Elsa, Idina Menzel's performance in "Frozen" is undeniably captivating. 

It may be argued that it's odd to have the "Let It Go" singer lend her voice for a game like "GTA," but with Rockstar keeping mum on details, why not? This is a wishlist, after all.

What do you think about a female protagonist in "GTA VI"? Who do you want to voice the role? We'd love to hear your picks in the comments below.

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