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WWE Monday Night Raw Preview & Spoilers for Dec. 2, 2013: Randy Orton, John Cena, CM Punk, More on Road to WWE TLC 2013

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With Dean Ambrose still holding the U.S. Championship, Roman Reigns making a name for himself after his stellar performance in his Survivor Series match, and the backing of The Authority, The Shield is running amok in the WWE, leaving a trail of bodies behind them. What plans do the "Hounds of Justice" have next and will they continue their current assault against CM Punk?

While CM Punk has to deal with The Shield, he must also watch his back against The Wyatts. Last week, the Wyatts kidnapped Punk's current tag-team partner, Daniel Bryan, who has not been heard from or seen since their 3-on-2 Handicap Tag Team match against the crazy clan on Monday Night Raw. The Wyatts have warned that Bryan will return a changed man, but when will the former three-time world champion return?

Mark Henry has returned to action in a big way, making an example out of the bully Ryback at Survivor Series, disposing of former Intercontinental Champion Curtis Axel, and teaming up with the new WWE Intercontinental Champion Big E Langston against the two former "Heyman Guys." What does "The World Strongest Man" have planned next and is there a world title run in his future?

One WWE superstar that will not be in title contention any time soon and may be out of action for the time being is The Big Show, who was told he could not compete as he recovers from his head injuries. WWE Champion Randy Orton punted The Big Show across his head during "The Viper's" title defense against the behemoth challenger at Survivor Series. Alberto Del Rio, fully aware of The Big Show's injuries, also attacked his head during the John Cena / Big Show - Del Rio / Orton tag-team match on Monday Night Raw, forcing doctors to re-evaluate the The Big Show's injuries after the Monday night match and ordering him to take time off to heal. Will The Big Show's injuries prevent him from fulfilling his championship dreams?

Meanwhile, WWE COO Triple H has declared there can only be one undisputed world champion, with the executive ordering that Orton face World Heavyweight Champion John Cena in a TLC match at the WWE TLC PPV with both titles on the line. Orton attacked Cena after their Monday Night Raw tag-team match, making it known to the World Heavyweight Champion that he has every intention of keeping his title and taking Cena's championship. With Orton likely looking to weaken Cena prior to the PPV, what plan will "The Apex Predator" hatch up next to soften up Cena prior to TLC?

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