Updated 12:43 AM EST, Sun, Feb 28, 2021

'Jane the Virgin' Season 1 Finale Air Date & Spoilers: Gina Rodriguez Says Episode is a 'Shocker'!

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The first season of CW's "Jane the Virgin" Season 1 is almost coming to a close, and its lead star Gina Rodriguez isn't holding back on what fans should anticipate in the popular show's upcoming finale.

In an interview at Orgullosa's Nuevas Latinas Living Fabulosa event held in NYC on Wednesday, the 30-year-old actress revealed that the series will get "better and better." According to the TV star, the finale will feature Jane's pregnancy coming to an end, adding that fans should also expect female empowerment.

"Our season finale, which I just wrapped two days ago, is so strong and such a shocker," Rodriguez said, as quoted by PEOPLE. "You're going to see Jane going through the last periods of her transformation dealing with her pregnancy and her relationship with Rafael, the father of the child."

She continued, "You're going to see more of Jane's fearlessness, more of her confidence as a woman. She's going to really start having conversations. I can tease that women are going to be real proud."

"Jane the Virgin," which airs Mondays, 9 PM ET, on The CW, paved the way for Rodriguez to win a Golden Globe award for her role in the show. Speaking further about the finale, the actress said she is excited for Jane's future, PEOPLE wrote.

"I feel like the fans are really going to be blown away and also really want the second season to come already because I want the second season to come already. I'm like, 'Wait! What happens next?'" she explained.

Brett Dier, who plays Michael Cordero, Jr. in the series, also said that the season finale, which will air in May, will be a "mind blower," News 1130 reports. The actor revealed that the whole cast agreed "not to read the script ahead of time and sat shocked at the table read before shooting the final scenes."

"At the end, people won't know what to do with themselves. It's insane." Dier shared, as quoted by News 1130.

Gina Rodriguez on Deadline's Controversial Diversity Story

Just recently, Deadline published an article stating how TV has become too diverse and "ethnic castings" have caused white actors to miss opportunities. The report didn't sit well with "Scandal" showrunner Shonda Rhimes, who tweeted that the article was so "ignorant."

In the same Orgullosa event, Refinery29 caught up with Rodriguez to ask her how she thinks about the controversial Deadline report and Rhimes' response to it. Aiming to stay positive, the TV star said that she's giving the writer the benefit of the doubt.

"I'd love to believe that we're misreading the tone of that article," Rodriguez told Refinery29. "I don't think there's anybody that reads that and agrees that anything's being taken away from anyone. Let's just hope the writer has the opportunity to clear up anything we've maybe misread as negative."

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