Updated 03:11 PM EDT, Fri, Oct 22, 2021

NASCAR News & Updates: Did a Phantom Debris Caution Rob Kurt Busch of Victory?

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Kurt Busch thought he could win his first Sprint Cup victory of the season but a caution positioned less than two laps in the 200-lap race seemed to have destroyed his chances at the Auto Club Speedway. 

ESPN reported that the debris caution "came out for what NASCAR said was a piece of metal between turns 3 and 4." Out of frustration Busch reportedly radioed to his team, "WWE".

Busch only took two fresh tires in anticipation of the two-lap dash to the finish line. He was beaten by Brad Keselowski who had four fresh tires. 

"We just got hung out on the yellows at the end. When do you pit to put four tires on, when do you pit to put two tires on? That last restart I just didn't get the job done," the disasppointed Busch was quoted as saying.

NASCAR Sprint Cup managing director Richard Buck clarified that there were multiple reports of debris which prompted officials "to throw the yellow flag on Lap 200," Fox Sports reported.

The same report said Busch was leading during that time "only to see" the second caution on Lap 204 after parts of Kyle Larson's car flew and hit another vehicle.

"We got multiple reports over the radio and confirmed it. There was a piece of material -- something -- in the racing groove, and so we went ahead and called a caution. And by the time that we had called the caution, somebody had hit it," Buck explained though he said he was not aware what specific debris it was.

"I don't have it back yet. I don't have the piece back yet, but we always ask the safety and cleanup crews to return that stuff to us. But there were multiple reports," he added.

The NASCAR executive also explained why they needed to call for the caution. "If there's any question whatsoever, we're going to throw the caution. There was a lot of paper flying around today, a lot of paper trash and plastic bags and those kinds of things," he added.

To answer the allegations of staged results, Buck said they followed a strict process and that they do not have any favorites.

"It's strictly a process that we go through [to call a caution]. We don't have any favorites. We try to keep every emotion out of it... We feel very, very confident about our actions." 

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