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Apple iOS 8.3 Beta 3 Download, Features & Issues: What to Expect in Public Release

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Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) has seeded the third iOS 8.3 beta earlier this month. At this point, users have come across new features that could carry on to the build's final release.

These include updates to Siri, Apple's personal virtual assistant, password and app purchase settings.

Siri in iOS 8.3 beta 3 allows users to make calls hands-free. As told by MacRumors, this may be done by asking the application to "Call [name] on speaker," establishing connection via speakerphone.

In addition to such feature, 9to5Mac reported that iOS 8.3 will come with support for wireless CarPlay, new Siri languages, more diverse set of Emojis and improved log-in for Google accounts.

Siri will support English (India, New Zealand), Danish (Denmark), Dutch (Netherlands), Portuguese (Brazil), Russian (Russia), Swedish (Sweden), Thai (Thailand) and Turkish (Turkey), Forbes noted.

With iOS 8.3, users can turn off password requirements for free content in iTunes and the App Store, BGR wrote. This is represented by a "Free Downloads" toggle.

At the time of reporting, the feature is said to be disabled, but users nevertheless look forward to its activation in the final build.

"Password Settings," found under "iTunes & App Store" settings, provide password options for purchases and in-app purchases. When making a purchase, users can "Always Require" password or "Require After 15 Minutes."

These options are not new settings, MacRumors said, as they are previously located in the Restrictions section of the Settings app.

When tapped, Password Settings return a "Cannot connect to iTunes Store" prompt. These options are likewise expected to function full-scale in the public iOS 8.3.

It must be noted that iOS 8.3 beta 3 also comes with the Apple Watch app, including a new "Report Junk" button and "Conversation List Filtering" in Messages, Redmond Pie noted.

According to Gotta Be Mobile, iOS 8.3 beta 3 is open to iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users signed up with an Apple ID. Beta versions allow users, practically called "testers," to try softwares ahead of their final releases.

Reportedly, an iOS 8.3 beta 4 will still arrive prior to iOS 8.3's public launch. It is unknown when this final build arrives.

Some of the iOS 8.3 beta 3's known issues include: (1) outgoing Call Audio and FaceTime Audio may be choppy (CarPlay) and (2) third-party keyboards may not be available for selection in Spotlight Search.

To download the current beta, users must sign up to Apple's Beta Software Program site. Participants are encouraged to report issues directly to Apple, through the built-in Feedback Assistant application.

Have you tried testing iOS 8.3 beta 3? Share your experience in the comments below.

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