Updated 05:43 AM EDT, Sun, Sep 20, 2020

Nick Young Has 'Worms' on His Head? Byron Scott Slams Swaggy P's Hairdo! [Photos]

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Los Angeles Lakers star Nick Young decided to sport a new hairdo but his coach Byron Scott was not impressed with his new look.

Swaggy P seemed to be trying out something new with his hair and with "new" he meant curls, twists and braids.

Bleacher Report said Young arrived on Wednesday at practice sporting his new hair and noted that he wanted to look like "old-school J-Foxx."

ESPN's Arash Markazi tweeted Young's look during practice with the braids and all. He added that Scott did not seem to like it as he commented, "Thats not a hairdo, that's a lost bet."

Scott also reportedly said Swaggy P has a "bunch of worms in his head."

Asked by Markazi for his reaction, Young responded that people with no hair will never understand what he did. "He had the ability to try things with his hair. But when it's over with, you tend to turn into a hater to people who got hair. I would be mad at somebody who had hair if I didn't have hair," Swaggy P added joking on Scott's baldness.

"I was at home watching Booty Call and I said Jaime Foxx has a nice haircut I want to try. That was the inspiration," Young told Markazi.

An Inside the Lakers report added that Young felt like "it was time for a change" even if he knew that his teammates would raise their brows on his new look. Lakers rookie forward Julius Randle even called Young's haircut "very special" comparing it to the character "O-Dog" in "Menace to Society." For his part, forward Ed Davis said it was best not to comment on the issue but Wesley Johnson said Swaggy P was just being himself.

It is amusing that Young still finds time to joke around despite him being sidelined for the last 10 games because of a swollen left knee. Inside the Lakers said he might have used his free time fixing his hair.

Young is still reportedly waiting for the results of his CT scan last Monday after his earlier and original scans were read and then misplaced. During Monday's practice, he only made free throws for a few minutes towards the end of the training. He also refused to answer questions about his knee condition.

Scott was the one who offered information on Young's knee injury. "Hopefully sometime this week. The sooner, the better. Hopefully before the end of this week is over with, we'll have an idea of whats going on," Scott told Inside the Lakers.

But the coach said that they are open to any scenario on his test results saying, "We get results today and start getting him on work tomorrow. But if it's prolonged a week or so longer, it minimizes his chance of coming back."

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