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'WWE 2K16' PS4 Xbox One Release Date, Gameplay & Roster: Mo-Cap Details Revealed; Extra Animation Coming? [Rumors]

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Details about the motion capture (mo-cap) work on "WWE 2K16" have been released last week, with WWE star Damien Mizdow and other wrestling professionals involved in the project.

On its Twitter page, "WWE 2K" confirmed that the upcoming installment of their franchise would "have the largest roster of professional wrestlers."  

VCPost said the mo-cap for the previous installment of the game was done by independent wrestlers but for this upcoming installment in the franchise, some professionals like Mizdow have been tapped to be part of it.

Mo-cap challenges 

Mizdow said that he had a hard time doing Randy Orton's entrance, noting that the wrestler "had a unique walking style, which was difficult to copy." He also said that he had to do a few takes prior to perfecting the mo-cap.

According to the VCPost article, a counter to the 619 was the hardest for Mizdow to do in the "WWE 2K16" in terms of moves. Mizdow added that he had to catch a person doing the 619 while he rested in position before delivering a side slam. Several wrestlers also reportedly helped him carry out the flying moves.

Aside from these information, professional wrestler Chase Stevens also shared on his Twitter account some interesting details about "WWE 2K16" including his participation in the mo-cap.

VCPost reiterated Steven's claim that it took the team five hours to capture the perfect swinging process of the "sledgehammer".

A Gameranx report added that there is a rumor that the motion capture of the game gives additional nuances with more animations "to depict similar moves differently." It added that each animation represents a different stamina tier which allows players to tell how much stamina he or she has versus the opponent basing it solely on animation.

Gameranx also noted that many moves in the game will have fourth animation made especially for tired finishers. The said moves can reportedly finish a match but will also send the players falling on their back because of too much exhaustion. Though still not confirmed, the outlet said that there is "a lot of believability" to it.

With its release coming very soon, VCPost noted that fans have started giving their feedback on what they want to see and experience in the new installment of the game. This includes a special character in WWE in the person of Stephanie McMahon wearing a "Summerslam" dress.

The upcoming installment is rumored to be released in October in PS4, PS3, Xbox One and Xbox 360. 

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