Updated 10:42 PM EDT, Sat, Oct 16, 2021

NFL Trade News & Rumors: Is Dolphins WR Mike Wallace Right for Vikings?

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With the acquisition of wide receiver Mike Wallace by the Minnesota Vikings on Friday, it is expected that he will provide the team with its much-needed offense.

ESPN said the trade was done before the Dolphins could pay Wallace a $3-million bonus this weekend.

The wide receiver has led his former team during the previous season with 862 receiving yards, 10 touchdowns and 67 receptions, ESPN noted. Now, he is part of the team which has been hungry for players who can contribute more points to the games.

"We want to have a lot of speed offensively, and we feel like that will help a lot. With [Vikings receiver] Charles Johnson, it opens up more things for the runners, it opens up more things for the tight end. And with [quarterback] Teddy [Bridgewater], you know, he plays so damn accurate. It opens things up," coach Mike Zimmer told ESPN.

Events leading to the trade

ESPN noted that "Wallace fell out of favor in Miami" after an altercation during Week 17 during the loss to the New York Jets. He also reportedly struggled to perform and coordinate well with quarterback Ryan Tannehill.

The Dolphins, on Friday, traded for former New Orleans Saints receiver Kenny Stills which rendered Wallace "expendable."

But the Vikings claimed that they needed someone like Wallace saying that his skills will really help the team.

"We felt like there was a need that we had [at wide receiver]. Offensive coordinator] Norv [Turner] really liked him, and I played against him when he was in Pittsburgh and now Miami. He's so fast, and he's a quick starter - he can really get going fast," Zimmer explained to ESPN.

Will Wallance shine more in Minnesota?

According to NBC Sports, the Vikings has been running after Wallace even before he signed with the Dolphins two years ago, as revealed by his father Armando Salguero.

Salguero also claimed that his son turned down a bigger offer from the Vikings when he inked a deal with the Dolphins. Luckily for Wallace, the Vikings still wanted him even if he signed with another team before.

NBC Sports also noted that Wallace has led the Dolphins in their games but failed to reach 1,000 receiving yards in either of the two seasons he stayed in Miami reportedly due to some coaching concerns.

Hopefully, in Minnesota, Wallace will be able to prove his worth to the entire NFL community and lead the Vikings to a better season this time, as he is expected to contribute more to their offense. The Dolphins, on the other hand, have been relieved from the high salary cap of Wallace especially with the start of the new season this year.

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