Updated 01:43 AM EST, Thu, Nov 26, 2020

NY Knicks Could Spend $25M for 190 Free Agents by Summer

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To help the team win more games in the future, the New York Knicks has started their "project gone awry" which will scout college players rather than clean up the team's roster.

Knicks president Phil Jackson said that scouting for talented college players will form a big part in the changes within the team, but cleared that this will not be the key in rebuilding the franchise.

"We know what the first-round pick is going to mean for us, but we also know we're going to build our team with free agents. A hundred and ninety players or so are going to be free agents. Not half the league, but like a third of the league is going to be free agents. So that's where our priority stands," Jackson said in an ESPN report.

In the NBA, the Knicks are known to have the worst record and Jackson said he is aiming to find a player in the draft which can make a change in how the team stands for the next 10 years.

He, however, maintained that the main focus of the team will be "finding the right mix of free agents" to aid in the improvement of the team's performance. The Knicks are set to spend about $25 million for free agency this summer.

"What we're trying to do is look at what advancement there can be in the short-term. How quickly we can recover and get back in the hunt?" Jackson added in the ESPN report.

The Knicks president also explained that the monetary budget on the prospect player would not really matter that much as he said that "it's going to be whose attractive enough to get the people they want to play their style of play."

"We want to be one of those teams. So we have eyesight on who can play in our system and who wants to play," he added. 

In a separate New York Post report, Jackson said that there are a lot of young players coming into the league but it is hard to tell how they will perform on their first year on the NBA.

He added that the team would want to make this happen before the year ends. "It feels like it's a project gone awry is basically what this is. This is what we wanted to be at the end of the year, not the middle of the year.''

He noted that the poor performance of the team in the previous seasons can be attributed to the number of injuries among the players. "We put ourselves in the situation we are now. You can't cry over spilt milk,'' Jackson said noting that there can still be done for the team to improve.

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