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'GTA 6' Release Date, Features & Gameplay Rumors: Where Should Sequel Be Located? [Poll]

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After a long period of juicing patience, Rockstar has finally dropped the highly-anticipated Heists for "GTA" Online, much to the delight of prospective players. The announcement has been made through the company's Newswire on Monday.

While players test out their skills on many of the DLC's fresh features, speculations over the franchise's next installment have not ceased. Yes -- we're talking of "Grand Theft Auto VI," and it looks like fans are still in argument over the sequel's most appropriate location.

As far as rumors have been concerned, the loudest of them all is Vice City. In a recent article, Air Herald tells that this location has sold best in the entire series. Die-hard fans would know that it refers to "Grand Theft Auto: Vice City."

Air Herald writes, "For 'GTA 6,' Rockstar says that they are exploring many different locations for the new game."

We're still taking this with a pinch of salt, but to give you a preview of what's been said in the rumor mills, below is a list of GTA VI's purported locations. Read along, and be sure to vote in the poll that follows.

Liberty City (New York)

Shortly after "GTA V" came out for the PS4 and Xbox One, the earliest rumors centered on GTA VI's location. From our previous cover, Cinema Blend cited DJ Whoo Kid's interview with BallerStatus, where he said, "I'm 'bout to be in the new 'Grand Theft Auto' that takes place in New York again."

At this point, we're still unsure whether Whoo Kid was referring to a "GTA V" expansion or the sequel itself. Would you like GTA 6 to settle in this location? It's known to be America's worst city, but, who says nobody's missing it?


Another speculation has set "GTA VI" in retro-mode, citing the possibility of a 1970's theme. We've heard that a number of fans wanted this setting to happen in London. The city is known for its rave culture at the time.


There's also Huzlers.com's satirical post of "GTA VI" taking place in Chicago, which unfortunately, has misled a number of social media users. The report even stated that it's not going to be "Grand Theft Auto VI," but "Grand Theft Auto: Lake City."

With Rockstar keeping mum on details, we certainly cannot rule out possibilities, so yes, Chicago has to join our poll.

Paris, Brazil or Las Vegas

Rumors have also pointed to "GTA VI" taking place in regions like Paris, Brazil and sin city Las Vegas.

In an earlier article, GamingBolt curated the sequel's most wanted locations, listing Hong Kong, Tokyo, Seattle, San Francisco, Boston, Ottawa and Cairo, along with some areas mentioned above.

"GTA VI" is believed to have a female protagonist. Word along the grapevine has also pegged the starring of John Marston's descendant from "Red Dead Redemption." This title is likewise rumored to get a sequel soon.

"GTA VI" is touted to arrive "in the fall of 2017."

In the meantime, players can expect "Grand Theft Auto V" on the PC by Apr. 14.

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