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‘Destiny’ House of Wolves DLC Release Date: Vault Space Update Coming?

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Bungie has teased on an update set to arrive before the long-awaited "House of Wolves" DLC. According to VG247, the developer has not provided details yet, but prospects can expect more information in the coming weeks.

In its announcement, Bungie compared the arrival of updates to Guardians landing in the Tower. The developer warned players not to get too anxious, "As one swoops in and descends below the deck, the next is already in orbit, on approach, just waiting for clearance to land their ship."

That sounds pretty much of a teaser, but like any other teasers, we're all off to a cliffhanger. Bungie tells, "We're still weeks away."

"House of Wolves" is expected to launch after Mar. 31, Game Rant reported. The outlet is convinced that Bungie's mysterious update addresses bugs potentially harbored by the upcoming DLC. This could be a good move, but we'll have to hear more from the developer first.

The source went on to explain that fans could be looking forward to vault space increase. For the uninitiated, the Vault is a place where Guardians, collectors in this sense, save their gears.

In an earlier dialogue with IGN, community manager David Dague expressed, "I want so badly for us to add more space to the Vault, because it is a constant, constant piece of feedback."

"People want to be collectors... And, if we need to expand the Vault in order to let people hold on to their things, then it's something that we're talking about," the rep added.

At the time of reporting, the Vault contained 20 item slots, 20 weapon slots and 20 armor slots.

The latest "Destiny" update came in the form of patch 1.1.1. As told by the Game Informer, the update has fixed the heavy ammo bug, which has plagued gamers ever since the title first launched.

Other improvements include the implementation of weapon balancing and matchmaking for weekly heroic strikes.

The "House of Wolves" follows the game's first expansion pack, "The Dark Below," which has been released last year. For a wrap, the Tech Times reminded players of the Awoken Queen's controlled Fallen -- bipedal humanoids that have served and protected her, but have now gone to revolt. This sets the remainder of the story's content.

The DLC' s main story is composed of three missions: "The Pack of Wolves," "Tracky Quarry" and "Path of the Traitor." Other contents include one new Raid, Strike and four new maps for the Crucible, among others. It is believed that a new Social Hub will bring players together.

"Destiny" is currently playable in the PS4, PS3, Xbox One and Xbox 360.

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