Updated 12:02 PM EST, Wed, Jan 19, 2022

Apple iOS 8.2 Download, Features & Release Date: Out With Apple Watch? Massive Changes Expected!

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Set on Mar. 9 in San Francisco, Apple's "Spring Forward" event continues to build hype. For one, details on the much-awaited Apple Watch may finally be revealed, while more speculations have it that the Cupertino giant could also unveil its newest products.

The iOS 8.2 is touted to launch on the same day, CNET wrote. This update in the operating system is expected to bring a slew of improved health features, as the Apple Watch seems to target a fitness-drawn audience.

Ahead of the update's purported launch, Apple has officially released another build to employees and testers, BGR reported.

Coded 12D508, the build curates Health App improvements including the ability to: (1) select the unit of measurement for body temperature, weight, height, distance and blood glucose and (2) add and visualize workout sessions from third-party apps.

The build also fixes a number of things, such as data usage stability, units for vitamins and minerals and Health data / graphic issues. Tracking of steps, distance and flights climbed may be disabled through a new privacy setting.

On top of these Health additions and fixes, the build increases / improves stability of Mail, Flyover in Maps, Music, VoiceOver reliability and connectivity with Made for iPhone Hearing Aids.

As with most iOS updates, the build arrives with a number of bug fixes, some of which address issues in Maps, messaging, iTunes, Siri, Bluetooth, Calendar and Exchange.

MacRumors specifically took note of the "GMT Bug," which has caused calendar syncing issues for some iPhone and iPad users. The issue has unfortunately resulted to confusion over time zones.

In other news, the source also reported Apple's promise of providing fix for the recent FREAK security flaw. As we've previously noted, the glitch has affected programs such as Apple's Safari Browser and Google's Android mobile OS. Even government-hosted web sites are said to be compromised.

Stronger encryption and quick patches from software companies are said to resolve the flaw.

This month, a portion of the public is expected to get their hands on the iOS 8.3 beta. This could be a good opportunity for testers to report flaws before the rest of the world does.

A public beta of the iOS 9 is also believed to be seeded in summer, while its final version is pegged in fall. As rumors suggest, the major upgrade could launch in June's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC).

To access early iOS builds, developers are welcome to register here. More information on iOS 8 for developers are found here.

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