Updated 05:05 PM EDT, Thu, Jun 21, 2018

Jodi Arias Trial News Update: Arias Cellmate Says Boyfriend Killer is 'Dangerous,' Out for 'Revenge'

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Jodi Arias may be locked behind bars, but her former cellmate warns that the convicted killer is still "very dangerous" and has threatened to kill the prosecutor in her case if she is sentenced to death in her retrial.

The California native was convicted of first-degree murder on May 8 in the ghastly 2008 death of her ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander in his suburban Phoenix, Ariz. home. However, the same jury that found her guilty failed to reach a unanimous decision on her sentencing. As a result, a retrial will be held later this year to determine whether she should be sentenced to death, life in prison or life with a chance of release after serving 25 years.

Cassandra Collins, an ex-con who shared a cell with Arias in the Estrella jail before the trial started, spoke exclusively with FOX 10 in Arizona about the 34-year-old excommunicated Mormon.

"She said that if she was given the death sentence ... she wanted to get her revenge... she knows inmates on the outs to do a mafia bow tie.. yeah. Cut his throat."

When the FOX 10 reporter asked Collins if she thought Arias was threatening Martinez' life, she replied saying, "Yes, I do. I really think she would try to hurt someone." Collins also claimed that Arias manipulated her fellow inmates into believing her story.

"She manipulates.. tried to manipulate every inmate there.. and tries to control how they think about her case. She'll try to suffocate you with her version and her side. When I got released out, I was like thank you God I got delivered out of hell." 

Collins also said Arias made unusual comments about the prosecutor. "She asked me questions like why doesn't Juan Martinez love me? And I'm like, love you? He's your prosecutor.. he's there to prosecute you for a crime.. and I'm like why doesn't he love you?" she told Hayden and told him that she wasn't joking and that she is worried about Martinez' safety.

"Yeah.. she was serious.. why doesn't Juan Martinez love me? She's out of her freakin' mind."

Collins added, "He needs to get good security staff around him to make sure she can't get anybody on the outs to solicit something.. to harm him or to hurt him... She's very dangerous.. very dangerous."

According to RadarOnline.com, Arias taunted Juan Martinez via Twitter during the trial.

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