Updated 05:27 PM EDT, Sat, Oct 31, 2020

Michelle Rodriguez Sorry After ‘Speaking Without Filter’ [Watch]

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Michelle Rodriguez has offered a more detailed explanation following her controversial remarks about minorities' roles in Hollywood.

In a three-minute video clip she posted on her official Facebook page, the Dominican-Puerto Rican actress apologized for telling minorities to stop stealing white people's superheroes, adding that she stuck her foot in her mouth once again, Fox News Latino reported.

The 36-year-old actress also admitted in the recording that she has a "tendency to speak without a filter" and that her statements were usually taken out of context by a lot of offended people.

"I think there are many cultures in Hollywood that are not white and that can come up with their own mythology," Rodriguez said in the clip. "It doesn't matter what culture you come from. I'm just saying that instead of trying to turn a girl character into a guy or instead of trying to turn a white character into a black character or a Latin character, I think that people should stop being lazy and people should actually make an effort in Hollywood to develop their own mythology."

"It's not about taking Catwoman or Superman or Green Lantern or whatever these characters are and trying to make them fit to whatever cultural background you are. It should be more creative than that and I think people need to stop being lazy and that's what I meant by my comment. I think it's time to write our own mythology and our own story, every culture," The "Fast and Furious" star further explained.

TMZ reported that the actress was referring to the current trend in Hollywood wherein characters get rebooted, such as Michael B. Jordan as the Human Torch, Jason Momoa as Aquaman, Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury, and the online campaign for Idris Elba to become James Bond. Marvel also recently announced that the next Thor could be female, Daily Mail noted.

According to Rodriguez, this problem could be solved if there are more people writing superhero roles for minorities in the film and television industry.

"I'm just saying that the different cultures from around the world that are in Hollywood: Latin, black, Asian, [are] considered 'minorities' because there aren't a lot of writers representing them, they should start focusing on making that a serious priority," the actress remarked in the video.

Rodriguez also dismissed rumors claiming that she would be portraying the role of Jessica Cruz in the 2020 reboot of "Green Lantern," TMZ reported. In relation to her comment about minorities in superhero roles, she said that starring in the DC Comics film is the "dumbest thing" she has ever heard.

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