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Xbox Live Games With Gold March 2015: Official List Includes 'Tomb Raider', 'Bioshock Infinite'

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Every month, Xbox Live Gold Members look out for the free games and discounted prices that is almost heavenly for gamers.

This year, Major Nelson has announced the games to look forward to having in March, and here are the ones that are coming:

Rayman Legends - Xbox One (March 1-March 31)
Tomb Raider - Xbox 360 (March 1-March 15)
Bioshock Infinite - Xbox 360 (March 16-March 31)

If these aren't enough, the official Xbox Wire website also announced that there will be more games available for April with four free for the Xbox 360, and two free games on Xbox One.

If you are unfamiliar with the March games, here is a quick recap:

Rayman Legends - according to Xbox wire, this game is build for everyone, with beautiful graphics, as well as "hilarious situations, a truly fantastic original score" and, as they noted, "brilliantly designed gameplay that challenges you without ever becoming repetitive."

It also has branching level design and a ton of unlockable content that up to four players can enjoy at a time, which means that it's definitely a good freebie, as far as Microsoft is concerned.

Tomb Raider - if you're unfamiliar with Lara Croft, then you must be living under a rock for the past decade of so. The intense origin story of the hardened survivor is one to play, as she must "fight to unravel the dark history of a forgotten island to escape its relentless hold."

What makes it fun is that it not only has epic combat battles and action sequences, it also has environmental puzzles and mysterious tombs to discover, how can you not find that enjoyable?

Bioshock Infinite - you know a game is good when it's one of the most awarded games of all-time. When it's free on your console, you know that you have to grab that opportunity.

Bioshock Infinite puts the players in the role of US Calvary veteran Booker DeWitt, who has become a hired gun and has been indebted to the wrong people, which means that he's on the run for his life. His mission is to rescue and imprisoned woman, Elizabeth, who has been locked up since her childhood in Columbia. The pair is then forced to trust one another if they want to survive, and together, they learn to fight in the clouds and along the high-speed skylines of the flying city.

Action and survival, how could you resist that?

More details about the offers can be found on the Games with Gold program.

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