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‘GTA 5’ Online Heists PC Release Date, Rumors & News: 5 Most Interesting Leaks Discovered

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If rumors got it right, the much-awaited Heists DLC for "GTA" is coming today, Feb. 24.

Previously, Rockstar has announced that the DLC (for consoles) arrives before "GTA V" hits the PC. The game is given a launch date of Mar. 24, so we're supposed to get Heists any time from this moment.

"'GTA' Online for PC, which will support up to 30 players, will launch alongside 'GTA V' for PC and will include 'GTA' Online Heists. Online Heists for consoles will be launching in the coming weeks ahead of the PC launch," the publisher wrote.

With great anticipation, leaks surrounding Heists have popped everywhere, dropping hints on what players can expect. For a fact, note that the DLC will come as a free update to all covered consoles, including the PC. It's expected to bring tons of interesting features, including new gameplay, vehicles and weapons, among others.

As we get to the edge of our seats for today's possible release, we've curated five of the loudest bets on Heists thus far:

1. Leaked Art Details

The latest buzz on Heists is centered on a slew of artworks unleashed by Funmw4. According to VG247, the leaks broke out on Twitter, and some "GTA" Online community members have apparently helped to verify details.

Funmw4 speculates of a new helicopter, bike, velum, Karin Kuruma, Karin Technical and team gears. The leaks also suggest that the PS3 and Xbox 360 are getting six Heists missions, International Business Times noted.

2. "Prison Break" Heist

The Fuse Joplin took note of leaks suggesting a "Prison Break" Heist. Here, players are tasked to help a new contact, named Rashkovsky, escape.

Players will get Rashkovsky out of prison via the velum plane. This mission is touted to yield a $550 reward upon completion.

3. Source Codes

In late December, Se7enSins forum user Shady Relapse, spilled a number of leaked source codes, which you can check out here.

The tipster is convinced that source codes 1, 6 and 8 are new bombs / weapons; source code 2 is a new audio; source codes 7 and 12 are vehicles; source code 5 is a new clothing; source code 9 are new masks; source code 10 is a new contact; source codes 4 and 11 are new features / unlock keys and finally, source code 13 are horses.

4. "Cops n Crooks" Missions

As what was said in our earlier report, "GTA" tipster DomisLive has cited four different CnC missions. The first of them, the "Prison Van Rescue," appears to coincide with the recent talks on "Prison Break." The mission requires teams to "free a gang member and then take him back to the gang house."

Other alleged missions include "Weapons Deal," "Hostage Deal" and an unnamed Heist where members are tasked to steal an artifact from a military base.

5. Country & Ornate Bank Heists

DomisLive also cited a leaked source code from Rockstar, the Latin Times wrote. Two bank Heist missions had been uncovered, and both permit a total of 16 cops and 4 criminals.

"GTA V" is initially thought to launch simultaneously on the PS4, Xbox One and PC. Without further details, the latter's version has been moved to a Jan. 27 release. Before the date has passed, Rockstar took the initiative to confirm a new launch date, setting it to Mar. 24 instead.

"GTA V" is currently available for the PS4, PS3, Xbox One and Xbox 360.

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