Updated 11:50 PM EDT, Sun, May 31, 2020

Rafael Nadal Engagement Rumors: Tennis Star Marrying Pregnant Girlfriend?

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Will we soon see tennis star Rafael Nadal getting hitched? That is yet to be confirmed but rumors have been swirling that it will soon happen as Nadal has been seen shopping for engagement rings with his girlfriend Maria Perello.

A Media Mass report indicated that the couple was spotted "eyeing some pricey bling in a couple of major jewelry stores" with special attention being given to diamond baubles which are perfect as engagement rings.

The report added that some sources and insiders are claiming that the two will soon be engaged. Other articles on the matter said that the two are certainly eyeing on a lifetime together as they considered engagement as something "inevitable" in their relationship.

Media Mass noted that a representative of the tennis player refused to give any comment on the issue.

Another related news on the matter, this time, according to Sports World News, is that Perello is now conceiving Nadal's child after she was spotted with a "baby bump" recently.

The report said that two were on a dinner date when people noticed that Perello has a "significant bulge" on her stomach. Another source of Sports World News, on the other hand, claimed that Nadal's girlfriend refused to drink alcoholic beverage during a toast on two occasions but instead requested water.

A Heavy.com report indicated that Perollo has become a very vital part of Nadal's life since they started dating in 2005, adding that she provides him great support in his games and personal life. Nadal's girlfriend is also undeniably very beautiful and charming but Heavy said she is not only stunning but also very smart and driven.

"Instead of following Nadal around and watching him succeed, she has gone out to make something of herself. Not only has she gone to London to study Business Administration, but has majored in English too," the report noted.

Aside from this feat, Perello was also believed to have worked with Mapfre, a company which is endorsing Nadal. She is also currently the director for social integration of the Rafael Nadal Foundation.

Born and raised in Spain, Perello reportedly met Nadal in Palma de Majorca where the tennis star's family lives.

She remains a mysterious part of Nadal's life as Heavy said that she rarely speaks with the media and chooses to keep her privacy.

The couple has yet to confirm nor deny the rumors but the truth on these issues will certainly come out in the coming days as the two cannot certainly hide if there is really a baby growing inside Perello's stomach.

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