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Jeremy Lin Trade Rumors & News: 3 Reasons Why Lakers Won't Re-Sign Guard

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If there's one name that has been making the rounds at the trade universe, it's the Los Angeles Lakers' Jeremy Lin.

In a recent interview (video available below), he proved that he was aware of the issue and offered details.

"Actually, I don't [follow the rumors] but the only time [I get news about that] is if my agent will call me," Lin explained. "But I haven't heard from either of them regarding any trade rumors, so that means that they don't think there's nothing [sic] to alarm me of."

But that does not mean that there won't be any move: "I mean, it doesn't mean nothing's gonna happen, but as of right now, as of ... yesterday, today ... [there's no call] so I'm not focused on it."

We've compiled the reasons he will most likely be traded before the deadline Thursday.

[1] Strategy

The guy that took the NBA for a ride with Linsanity hasn't come close to that stellar performance, noted the Bleacher Report, explaining that his shooting and passing declined drastically and his defense was still in a rut.

If the Lakers think about moving him, therefore, a likely factor would be strategy.

According to Spotrac, his average salary is $8,374,646, so if the Lakers want their rebuilding to work around the immovable Kobe Bryant, Lin could be an easy target.

The Bleacher Report acknowledged that Lin's price -- around $14.9 million this season alone -- could be putting off teams. However, he would be a reliable point guard with other teams, Sporting News noted.

[2] Bad fit

Aside from the struggles at shooting, especially from the mid-range, Sporting News attributed the decline to, simply, bad fit.

The Bleacher Report also touched on the disconnect between Lin and head coach Byron Scott on the 26-year-old's struggles, citing Los Angeles Daily News.

Lin said there might have been something wrong with the "adjustments" in his transition from the "traditional and fast-paced systems" in Houston and New York to the Lakers' gameplan.

Scott replied: ""I don't know if you can make it easier ... That adjustment is basically up to the player to take it, buy into it and run with it."

The multimillion contract has become a burden, the report noted.

[3] Linsanity II

Teammate Nick Young, in the same report, commented that Linsanity has placed so much pressure on Lin. It would even seem to bog him down, as reflected in the dismal 10.2-point average.

He has been relegated 20 games after he took the place of Steve Nash as a starter to reserve player, the report recounted. He lost that spot to Ronnie Price and might be sidelined for rookie guard Jordan Clarkson.

Per the interview, he has gotten a reprieve from the pressure over the All-Star break, having spent time with his brother, father, trainer and shooting coach. He had also committed to lower his turnovers, finish at the rim more and, overall, be better at playmaking.

But maybe, Linsanity will live again only if he transfers.

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