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Lorena Rojas Cancer 2015: Actress Dies at 44

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Mexican actress and singer Lorena Rojas has succumbed to cancer at the age of 44.

According to a report from Latin Times, Rojas died in her Miami, Florida, home on February 16, Monday, surrounded by her loved ones, including her boyfriend, family, and closest friends. The actress had maintained a positive attitude and energy since she was diagnosed from the disease in 2008.

Rojas managed to recover from cancer at first, but was diagnosed again in 2012 with bone cancer, a separate report from Latin Times noted. The actress was already able to fight the disease in "the same way a diabetic deals each day with their medication, she deals with not letting the cancer get the best of her." However, in addition to the bone cancer, Rojas was diagnosed with liver cancer in November 2014.

After news of her death went public, her fans and fellow celebrities expressed their condolences, Latin Times reported. Some of the TV stars who tweeted their sympathy are Eiza Gonzalez Reyna, Alejandra Espinoza, Jorge D. Bernal, Sherlyn, Catherine Siachoque, Raul Gonzalez, Lucia Mendez, Lili Estefan, and Rodrigo Vidal.

Rojas' contributions to the entertainment industry include her international soap operas such as "El Cuerpo del Deseo," "Pecados Ajenos," "Alcanzar Una Estrella," "Ladrón de Corazones," "Azul Tequila," and her most recent project, the series "Demente Criminal," the news outlet noted.

According to another Latin Times report, Rojas worked in different networks, starting from Televisa and then moving on to Argos, TV Azteca, Telemundo, and Venevision. Her first lead role was on "Canción De Amor" opposite Eduardo Capetillo. This telenovela was where her character Ana suffered from cancer and ultimately died at the end of the soap. Before dying, her character made a video for her daughter, to be played during the child's different birthdays, so that she would know how much Ana loved her.

Aside from her numerous TV shows, Rojas also starred in five films and in the theaters productions "Manos Quietas" and "Aventurera." She also debuted as a musical composer and singer in the project titled "Hijos Del Sol," Latin Times added.

Besides her numerous lead roles, Rojas accomplished in only a few months her dream to debut as a musical composer and singer in the production "Hijos Del Sol." The children's album was inspired by her daughter Luciana, "who now will be in the care of her aunt, the actress Mayra Rojas and her adoptive father just like Lorena wanted," the news outlet noted.

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