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'Frozen 2’ Movie Trailer, Release Date & Plot Wishlist: 5 Interesting Twists in Sequel

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In 2013, "Frozen" took the world by an icy storm -- enough to make it the highest-grossing animated film of all time. Elsa and Anna's story will always be loved, and the undying hope for a sequel is practically enough to keep the massive Arendelle nation united up to this point. We may not know when, but we still want to build a snowman and that's final.

Speculations surrounding "Frozen 2" heated up when Elsa's voice actress, Idina Menzel, talked about a possible sequel in November. Referring to the movie sequel and stage musical, the "Let It Go" singer told the Telegraph, "They're all in the works."

But Idina seemed to have retracted her statement recently. "Apparently I spoke out of turn. I just assumed because it was so successful there'd be a sequel."

Back in October, Disney CEO Bob Iger expressed that "Frozen" aims to get a perfect sequel. He said in a dialogue, "In order to make the perfect movie sequel, the filmmakers have to write the perfect follow-up story for it."

While waiting for that perfect synopsis, we took the initiative to relive the events in "Frozen" and see how "Frozen 2" could happen -- all in the eyes of a fan, just like you are! Check them out:

1. Elsa gets her guy

Anna once "had" Hans and she even thought that with him, love is an open door. But the guy only turned out to be a green-eyed villain who's most certainly not Elsa's love interest. There's Kristoff, of course, but he's for Anna.

So what do we have for the Queen of Arendelle? Jack Frost, anyone?

2. Back from the dead

Elsa and Anna's parents only appeared a few minutes in the first film, so it would be nice to see if they make at least a cameo in the sequel. Memories, spirits or ghosts, it's up to Disney.

In case you've forgotten, most of Disney protagonists' parents have died even before their stories unfolded: Cinderella had Lady Tremaine for a "mother"; Snow White lived with the Evil Queen; Pocahontas' mom, well, has joined the winds and Mufasa didn't last too long, though he seemed to have guided Simba all along the way. Don't forget the Beast who had no mention of his parents.

Elsa sure has let it go, but it would be great to have her parents again so they could see how she's doing.

3. Anna develops her power

We know "Frozen" is all about ice, and Elsa certainly got them all. For one, the whole story seemed well-balanced as Anna gets the guy while Elsa gets the power. It's fair play.

But what if Disney gives Anna her own powers to neutralize Elsa's ice? Sounds good?

4. The female villain

Now that Hans is back to his kingdom, it would be nice to see a new villain in the female form. Perhaps from another kingdom? She could also be a servant within Arendelle, pretending to serve Queen Elsa, but yes -- you get the picture.

5. Elsa gets hold of herself

Conceal, don't feel -- this is the mantra that could've saved Arendelle from the frightening blizzard. But with Elsa controlling her powers too early, we doubt there'd be a story as good as "Frozen."

However, for the sequel, it may be great to see Elsa finally getting grip of her abilities. We know she's capable of making palaces, breathing life into snowmen and turning someone's heart frozen.

That said, how is "Frozen 2" going to showcase Elsa's powers?

Of course, these are parts of our wishlist and just like yours, we could only hope that they come true. What do you like to see in "Frozen 2?" Share your thoughts in the comments section!

On the brighter side, we're still seeing our favorite characters through "Frozen Fever" very soon. The short will air in theaters before the live Cinderella movie on March 13.

Catch some teaser clips of "Frozen Fever" below.

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