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iOS 9 Release Date: Top 5 Rumors & Concept

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Apple is shifting gears on the features side this year, slowing down to focus on the stability component of its operating system.

The brand's swiftness in adding features to the iOS has taken its toll on the operating systems own speed and responsiveness, noted Tech Crunch.

With this gap in mind, 9to5Mac reported that developers at Apple are planning to release iOS 9 geared toward fixing bugs, boosting performance and maintaining stability. Complaints on these have increased in these fields, the report noted.

Mac Rumors explained that Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functions are now compromised by bugs. Battery consumption and screen rotation also suffer.

The iOS has been integral in the marketing process of iPhones, iPad and iPod touch, releasing yearly since 2007 to coincide with the launch of new devices, 9to5Mac said.

Here are some rumors.

[1] Some gadgets will be discontinued.

9to5Mac noted that the iPhone 5c, fifth-generation iPod touch and original iPad mini might be discontinued end-2015, whittling down the number of gadgets to be supported by iOS 9.

The report cannot confirm this but it said that, if true, it would simplify the work for developers.

[2] Updates' data sizes will be minimal.

This reprieve would be felt most by those whose devices have only 16 gigabytes in storage capacity, said Mac Rumors. And 9to5Mac noted that Apple is looking into keeping not only updates but also the whole operating system manageable.

Painful deletions and alternative options may soon go kapoot for 16-GB users, said The Verge.

[3] There will be new features.

This is true, MacRumor acknowledges.

The company is now experiencing a backlash after always launching multiple new features, per Tech Crunch, but it does not mean that the tradition will stop all together.

The International Business Times said Apple will be providing transit maps, plus an indoor mapping capacity for iPhones and split-screen multitasking for iPads.

[4] There will be a couple of enhancements.

The same report also noted enhanced versions of the CarPlay functionality and Apple Pay.

CarPlay injected iOS to cars, providing it access to your phone, messages, music and navigation, the report explained. It might soon be a remote control for some functions.

Apple Pay, the mobile payment system capable of credit-debit functions, might expand its network, the report noted. It might also have a rewards mechanism.

[5] Release will be September.

This is a strong possibility, said Tech Radar, while acknowledging that there are many speculations around this.

Some sources say the iOS 9 beta will be tested out early June, while a huge majority believes it will be available for download in September, as in the past years.

The first glimpse will be in June, at the Worldwide Developers Conference, Mac Rumors noted.

One thing is sure: People have huge expectations.

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