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'Bladestorm: Nightmare’ PS4 Xbox One Release Date, Gameplay & Updates: New Joan of Arc? Here's All You Need to Know!

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Published by Koei Tecmo, "Bladestorm: Nightmare" arrives in North America on Mar. 17 and Europe on Mar. 20, IGN reported. The title has sprung great anticipation, as it is a remake of the 2007 game "Bladestorm: The Hundred Years' War."

The game draws much inspiration from the English-French conflict that ran from 1337 to1453. Players are bound to get a firsthand experience of fighting, medieval-style -- arrows, swords and long-handed axes are some of the weapons making appearance in the game.

What sets the upcoming title apart from its predecessor is the introduction of a new Nightmare mode. As told by IGN, this feature brings a new, fantasy-based story involving demons. Players will be able to control and fight armies of mythical creatures, VG 24/7 wrote.

For a clearer picture, the Nightmare mode introduces a slew of monsters such as "dragons and cyclops." Basically, prospects get to interact with an enhanced story mode that delivers more exciting details from "The Hundred Years' War."

"Bladestorm: Nightmare" is a revolutionary action game. On top of its historical plot, it allows players to lead many different types of squads in battle. Choosing between the French and the English is one thing to do; defeating the enemy is another.

The game offers players an opportunity to switch between four squads / troops. It's also interesting to know that a maximum of 200 warriors may be led by a single player.

Aside from improvements in graphics, the game packs an online multiplayer function, a revised character edit mode and "other new features."

Iconic characters such as Edward the Black Prince (England) and Joan of Arc (France) will be making a comeback. Edward is England's Crown Prince. He's described to be "exceptionally talented" and armed with noble ideas. The prince, simply, is loved by the nation.

On the other hand, Joan of Arc is described to be kind, however with a "strong sense of justice." She takes battle into her hands, determined to end the chaos that has brought misery to her beloved country.

Interestingly, the upcoming game is said to feature an evil version of Joan, and no, she might not be siding with France, as Destructoid wrote that the opposing countries will join forces to defeat her -- along with her army of monsters. Cool!

"Bladestorm: Nightmare" launches for the PS4, Xbox One and PS3, IGN noted. Current-gen consoles can get it for $60, while the PS3 can own the digital version for $50.

For more information, visit the game's official site here.

Watch the live demo (via Koei Tecmo Europe) below.

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