Updated 04:51 PM EDT, Sun, Sep 22, 2019

LA Clippers' Blake Griffin Indefinitely Out! Staph Infection Surgery Scheduled

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A staph infection on his right elbow has forced Los Angeles Clippers forward Blake Griffin to be out throughout the All-Star break.

The team announced that Griffin will have his surgery on Monday to remove the infection. He will then be reevaluated if he can already come back to the games.

Staph infection, according to Mayo Clinic, is caused by germs found on the skin or in the nose and would usually cause no problems aside from minor skin infections. However, the bacteria can also be deadly if it enters a person's bloodstream, joints or bones.

ESPN said that the Clippers forward has been dealing with bursitis in his right elbow and drains it routinely during the season. He last had fluid drained reportedly last Feb. 2 when his team went against the Brooklyn Nets in New York.

After the said procedure, Griffin seemed to have struggled in his next games that he was prompted by Clippers trainer Jason Powell to have his elbow checked.

"You could tell when something is infected. You can just look at it. With a bursa sac, it could just be that too, but it just didn't look right. [Powell] caught that and sent him early enough -- thank goodness," Clippers coach Doc Rivers said in the ESPN report.

The timeframe of his absence is still unknown but ESPN sources claimed that his condition could require him to be out of the games for about two to six weeks.

Rivers added that his player's health problem could really be serious and a concern for Griffin. "You have to be very careful with that injury. It's the unknown. With a sprained ankle, you know 10 days. But with infections, they're infections, and you just have to be very careful. You cannot mess around with it," the coach added.

Teammate Chris Paul admitted that the team is having a hard time not being able to have Griffin on their lineup for their upcoming games.

"It's tough. Tough loss, tough losing Blake. We'll try to regroup and be ready for the next one," Paul said, as as quoted by Fox Sports.

Rivers said that it would be difficult to replace Griffin on the team since he is averaging 22.5 points, 7.5 rebounds and 5.1 assists. They know they have to work harder to at least match the points he makes for the Clippers.

"Obviously, I'm more concerned about him than anybody else... because infections are no joke. I can't expect Chris to go out and get 40 a night. Our key other guys all have to play well. It can't be one guy," Rivers was quoted as saying by Fox Sports.

For the Sunday All-Star game next Sunday, Portland Trail Blazers' Damian Lillard will reportedly take Griffin's place in the roster spot.

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