Updated 04:54 PM EST, Thu, Dec 02, 2021

Christina Milian Considers Getting Butt Implants

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Christina Milian is about to undergo a major body change.

According to a report from Daily Mail, the TV personality recently revealed in her new E! reality series, titled "Christina Milian Turned Up," that she would like to enhance her butt for it to resemble Jennifer Lopez's.

In a clip from the reality show, Milian was seen visiting a Beverly Hills surgeon's office to consult about getting bigger buns. She was accompanied by her sister and a friend named Stella, who also had butt implants before.

"I don't know much about plastic surgery," she said, as quoted by Daily Mail. "So I'm here to learn how to get a bigger, more glorious butt." Aside from J. Lo, the TV personality also mentioned Halle Berry as a body inspiration.

The celebrity's sister, Danielle, explained that the reason behind Milian considering butt implants is because "she's constantly trying to follow what's new and hot at the time," and that big butts is one of the popular things right now, the news outlet noted.

Part of the extensive consultation with the doctor was Milian trying out special panties to see how big she wants her implants to be. She was also pleased that the sample implants "fit into her already tight jeans" at the time. At the end of the segment, Milian wore the specialized panties outside to see how it would feel like to have a big butt, Daily Mail reports.

The celebrity's reality series also features her mother Carmen and her sisters Lizzy and Danielle. According to a report from Fox News Latino, "Christina Milian Turned Up" has similarities with "Keeping Up With the Kardashians," which included having "outspoken sisters" and "a mom for a manager." But even though the two shows have the same elements, there are also a lot of differences.

Fox News Latino reports that the three Cuban sisters have "their own set of skills:" Christina is an actress-singer, Danielle is an accomplished hairstylist, and Lizzy has a degree on culinary arts.

While attending the OK! Magazine Pre-Grammy Party in Los Angeles, the sisters revealed some facts about their family, including how they deal with other people's opinions about them.

"Whether it's flirtation to the spice of life to being passionate to just how we raise our children as well, and how we are as a family, we like stick together, no matter what. The Cuban part plays a part every day," Milian said, as quoted by Fox News Latino.

She added, "We joke around about what people say and everything. We don't take it personal. At this point, this is our lives and this is who we are and it's entertainment."

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