Updated 11:52 PM EDT, Sat, Oct 16, 2021

Los Angeles Lakers News Update: Kobe Bryant Had a '96 Beer Run with Jimmy Fallon

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Instead of spending his recovery period inside the four corners of his house or drown his frustrations alone, Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant decided to take his aching shoulder to The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to have a good time.

Appearing with a cast on his surgically-repaired shoulder, Bryant had a fun time chatting with Fallon while they both reminisce a memorable experience during the 1990s.

The Washington Post said that the Bryant and Fallon discussed their first encounter at a party in 1996. The TV host recalled that he was still doing stand up comedy at that time while Bryant was just on his second season with the Lakers and that he was spending a lot of time on the bench.

The two also talked about their beer run adventure but they weren't able to buy any, not because Kobe was reportedly underage but because they happened to go to a store which offered delivery-only for liquors, Yahoo Sports reported.

The same outlet explained that the incident could have not really happened in '96 as what Fallon claimed since Bryant was not on his second season with the Lakers during that year. It also speculated that the basketball player could have easily bought the beer by presenting his identification card showing that he was already 17 or 18, this is aside from the fact that he was already an NBA phenomenon at that time.

But the Washington Post explained that when the owners of the liquor store "saw proof" that Bryant was part of the Lakers, he and Fallon already scampered out of the place.

For Lakers fan watching the show, it was a relaxing scene to see the injured Bryant laugh it out with Fallon on national television. It just shows that he would not let a season-ending injury dampen his emotions or slump him into frustration.

Yahoo Sports said that it could have taken a quick planning session for the show's staff to pull off that Bryant interview since he just recently underwent operation and was declared to be out for the rest of the season last week.

After his shoulder surgery, the Lakers announced that Bryant will be out for about nine months to recover from his injury. Sports Illustrated said that the Lakers player will be joining the training camp of the team which is set to start in September.

Bryant also clarified via Sports Illustrated that he does not pay much attention to people speculating whether he should return or retire.

"I don't really listen much to what people have to say to be honest with you," Bryant said.

Bryant's career has recently been marred with injuries as he tore his Achilles tendon in 2013 then a knee injury also crippled him last season, rendering him unable to play most of the games of the Lakers.

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