Updated 09:23 AM EST, Mon, Dec 06, 2021

TransAsia Crash Flight 235: At Least 32 Dead

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On Wednesday, a TransAsia Airways plane crashed into a shallow river in Taipei, Taiwan, when it hit an elevated bridge, with 32 confirmed dead, according to The Telegraph.

The Star reported that Taiwan's Civil Aeronautical Administration has released an audio snippet that included the pilot's mayday call, but officials declined to comment on how it may have related to the cause of the crash.

Footage from a car dashcam may have properly explained the situation. According to The Daily Beast, a footage from a dashcam showed that the plane lost power in its left engine, leaving the propellers spinning slowly in what is called a "feathering." The other engine, on the other hand, provided full power, but with the engine going out before the plane gained much altitude, the pilot called for a "Mayday," describing a "flameout" which occurs when a kind of fuel starvation happens.

The website said that it is actually more dangerous when a plane loses one of its engines before it reaches its full altitude, noting that a plane can fly on cruise height with only one of its engines working, as pilots are given time for a single-engine landing. Right after takeoff, however, the plane is at its most vulnerable, giving the plane a "torque effect" and rotates it to the opposite direction of the propellers, as what happened with TransAsia Flight 235.

The Star also reported that the fuselage, which has been dismantled by hydraulic rescue machines, have been moved riverbank, along with recovered luggage of the victims. Taipei divers are also looking for more bodies, most of which are expected to be at the bottom of the river.

Among the survivors was a family-of-three, who, according to the Telegraph, were likely saved by their decision to change their seats from the left side of the plane to the right, shortly before take-off. The website noted that local reports showed the plane's left side being severely damaged by the impact. When the plane crashed, the patriarch of the family, Lin Mingyi, was seriously injured, but dived into the cold water anyway to look for his son, ultimately saving him from death.

This unfortunate incident was not the first from the airline. According to BuzzFeed, a deadly crash also occurred in 2014, when a TransAsia craft slammed into buildings near Magong Airport in Taiwan. TransAsia is still recovering from said accident, the cause of which is still unknown. The flight was carrying 54 passengers and four crew members, with only 10 survivors.

What are your thoughts on the many plane crashes that occurred over the past several months?

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