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'WWE 2k15' Update February 2015: Patch 1.03 Out!

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Players of "WWE 2K15" may now thank the heavens because 2K Games released an update to address bugs and several other glitches of the title -- Patch Update 1.03.

"I turned on my PS4 and patch update 1.03 for 'WWE 2K15' was already downloaded," said Damian Seeto of Attack of the Fanboy on the first day of February. Some of the new improvements tackle body marks, a stunt and even crowd cheers.

Before Patch 1.03, the last patch was made available to gamers in December, according to the report.

The 2K Sports forum detailed the improvements:

1. Fixed an exploit with the "Facebuster Knee Smash" move in which it was not reversible. 

2. Addressed a number of issues with applying body piercings and logos in the WWE Creations.

3. Addressed an issue in which a Superstar could appear as a different Superstar if an alternate attire was set as default and then deleted.

4. Addressed issues with alternate attires appearing properly in cutscenes in WWE Universe.

5. Crowd reactions should now occur properly according to the settings in the Edit Superstar menu.

6. Improved the accuracy of several messages related to network interactions.

The update is 376 megabytes in size, or just a couple of minutes with stable connection to the Internet, said Sportskeeda. It added that the patch was a necesarry precursor for the "One More Match" content that could be available for download Tuesday. 

According to the International Business Times, "One More Match," whose release is much closer to the latest patch than usual, is part of a three-part series of downloadable content for the 2K Showcase mode.

"Hall of Pain" and "Path of the Warrior" are part of the series, and lead multiple patches lined up for 2015, the report added.

In the Attack of the Fanboy article, the author noted that the 1.03 content was available for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Xbox One, but was causing problems to PlayStation 4 consoles, an issue that many gamers noticed. 

On the problem -- PS4's inability to connect to the Internet after downloading the update -- community manager Marcus Stephenson noted a solution: "Signing out of PSN before hitting the bug will allow you to get to the main menu offline without encountering the issue. You can still access your saves," he said via WWE 2K15 1.03 Update Notes.   

One commenter at the forum aired his concern about another issue, relating to the artificial inteligence glitch with the tag team and triple tag features. He said he was getting frustrated with the long period it was taking for him to get that fixed. 

The community manager replied: "We're working on the next update right now, my man."

The International Business Times reported that the online servers were down at one point during the initial hours of the patch's availability. PlayStation acknowledged on Twitter: "We're aware that some users are experiencing issues signing into PSN -- engineers are investigating. We'll keep you posted."

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