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'Jurassic Park 4: World' Trailer & Movie News Update: D-Rex Details, Photo Revealed!

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Director Colin Trevorrow's "Jurassic World" is just months away from its release and to amp up the anticipation of the fans, Universal Pictures decided to introduce the newest dinosaur on the block , the Indominus Rex a.k.a. D-Rex, Den of Geek reported.

When the first official trailer for the film was released in November, fans were already given a glimpse of the genetically-engineered dinosaur hybrid created by the park scientists and it became one of the main attractions of the park. However, the intelligent creature found a way to escape captivity and ended up attacking visitors, park officials and more.

The formidable dinosaur's name was later on revealed as the Indominus Rex, meaning "Untamable or Fierce King." Fans have been given a clue of what the dinosaur will look like, thanks to the teaser photos and the official biography released on the film's official website.

"We set out to make Indominus the most fearsome dinosaur ever to be displayed at Jurassic World," the site read.

The D-Rex was created by the Hammond Creation Lab. It has a length of 40 feet, was made to resemble the Tyrannosaurus Rex, and got its distinct head ornamentation and a tough, bony osteoderm from the Theropods species called Abeliosaurs. It also has horns placed above its eyes, which it got from the hybridized genetic makeup of the Rugops, Gigantosaurus, Majungasaurus and Carnotaurus, according to IGN.

It also has a roar of around 140 to 160 decibels, which rivals the sound of the engine of a 747 jet taking off, and has a speed of 30 mph when running around its enclosure, the website continued.

The description is certainly informative, though the teaser photos are just that, teasers of what the D-Rex looks like. Hopefully fans will be given a closer look at the dinosaur at the upcoming Super Bowl.

During the Super Bowl on Sunday, Universal Pictures plans to release a special trailer for "Jurassic World," and it's already looking to be the movie ad most anticipated by fans, according to Deadline.

The outlet cited a report from Fandago, and it revealed that during a poll of 1000 ticket buyers, "Jurassic World" won by 68 percent, with "Furious 7" at second place and "Terminator: Genisys" at third place.

"Jurassic World" arrives in theaters on June 12, 2015. It stars Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Ty Simpkins, Vincent D'Onofrio and more. The film features the iconic Isla Nubar where the theme park is situated. There, visitors can see and interact with dinosaurs, until the Indominus Rex causes havoc on the island.

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