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'NBA 2K16' Release Date Soon? Game Development Starting

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The official Twitter accounts of the Miami Heat and Brooklyn Nets released photos of their half-naked players being body scanned for 2K Sports' "NBA 2K16". 

"It has been confirmed that 'NBA 2K16' game is in development," said NBA 2K16 Game

In a tweet on Jan. 16, the Miami Heat said: "Today the players dropped by #pixelgunstudio to have their body scans done for #NBA2K16! Meanwhile, on Jan. 21, the Brooklyn Nets said, "First order of business in California: Image scans for #NBA2K16."

All the boys seemed to be having some fun in front of the camera at Pixel Gun Studio.

"NBA 2K16's" rumored release is at year's end. An "NBA 2K16" page on Facebook sets it at October.

According to the International Business Times, the early start of the 2016 iteration is due to the success of "NBA 2K15." 

"In the run up, unlike the current game, 'NBA 2K15,' where NBA players got only their face scanned, the NBA 2K16 will cover more ground as it will include the fully scanned body and not just their faces," explained the report.

Gameranx called the scan improvement "notable," saying that the heads will finally fit in with the bodies.

But despite the success of "NBA 2K15," fans are hoping for more developments in various touch points, especially since the WWE 2K team opened up for feedback.

A call for feedback project similar to WWE 2K16

Fans are hoping that 2K Sports will take the same approach that "WWE 2K16" is enforcing to get user feedback. Attack of the Fanboy reported that after receiving mixed reviews and notes about some gaping loopholes, like the inability to create female wrestlers on PS4 and Xbox One, "WWE 2K16" will look to users' comments to improve.

The report quoted Marcus Stephenson, WWE Games' community manager as saying: "At the request of the WWE Games development team, our WWE 2K Feedback project NOW BEGINS!"

Meanwhile, the virtual NBA game continues to receive several wish lists from players. 

NBA 2K16 Game compiled some of them, which you can read below:

> Improved Simulation of the sophisticated graphics without which the game is just left incomplete.

> The Improved rating system just to enable the difference between the gold team and also the bronze team.

> The contract features of the - Myteam mode either should be improved or rather removed replacing the much better options.

> The overall skills are enlisted expected to be seen on the game.

> Improve the crowd and present the basketball floor more real with that of the animations and the game play strategies. 

> The quintessence of every video game lies in its simulation and thus follows the logical pattern of realism.

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