Updated 09:57 AM EST, Mon, Mar 01, 2021

Floyd Mayweather Gives Personal Number to Manny Pacquiao at Miami Heat Game

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Two of the biggest names in boxing faced each other on Tuesday night but it was not inside the ring but on a basketball court. Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao finally saw each other eye to eye at courtside during the game of the Miami Heat against the Milwaukee Bucks.

ESPN said that the undefeated American fighter was sitting next to the Heat bench while Pacman was sitting on his exact opposite of the court.

During halftime, the two fighters, whom the public want to see fight really soon, met each other and talked.

"He gave his number to me and said we will communicate with each other," Pacquiao told the Associated Press.

The Filipino champion told reporters that their exchange of number could mean that they would communicate directly with each other about the details of the fight.

Pacquiao's adviser Michael Koncz told ESPN that they will not reveal what the two discussed as it was a private discussion.

"They had a private, friendly discussion, and that's all I really want to say," Koncz said. He also clarified that the presence of the two at the basketball game was "purely a coincidence."

Pacquiao was in Miami at the time because he was a judge during the Miss Universe pageant last Sunday night, ESPN explained. Pacman's camp were reportedly planning to go to New York after the pageant but decided to stay in Miami for a few more days because of the ongoing blizzard at the northeast. It can also be remembered that Pacquiao is a professional basketball player in the Philippines and he considers the sport as his second love next to boxing. He's also friends with Heat Coach Erik Spoelstra so his presence during the game was not surprising.

BBC, in a similar article, said that the stadium put up photos of the two boxers with the caption "Coming in 2015?"

On its Twitter account, the Miami Heat welcomed the two fighters to the game

"We'd like to welcome @floydmayweather & @MannyPacquiao to tonight's game!" it tweeted together with the photo of the two attending the game.

Social media were also filled with tweets and photos of the unexpected meeting of the two and gave news of their possible match a new hope.

Mayweather earlier announced that he is ready to fight Pacquiao on May 2 and the Filipino boxer has reportedly agreed to all the terms set by the former.

Recently, there have been reports that the two camps have not yet sealed a deal and Pacquiao has already been prompted to give Mayweather a one-month ultimatum to decide on the fight.

With this meeting, fans are hoping that the two will be able to directly talk about the plans regarding the fight.

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