Updated 11:03 PM EDT, Tue, Sep 22, 2020

Kim Kardashian, Kanye West Divorce: Beyoncé, Jay Z Double Date Left KK in Tears? [Rumors]

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The paparazzi spotted Kim Kardashian and Kanye West out on a double date with hip hop couple Beyoncé and Jay Z, and if rumors are to believed, the "incredibly awkward" affair might have ended up in tears, at least for Kardashian, Jezebel reported.

The couples were spotted together having dinner at a restaurant in West Hollywood on Jan. 16, and there are numerous speculations on why they met up and how the night ended.

A source who spoke to Britain's Heat magazine claimed that everything was actually arranged by Jay Z and West. However, "incredibly awkward" double date didn't end well for Kardashian who was said to have been ignored, according to Radar.

Apparently, West was able to talk to Jay Z about music, with Beyoncé joining in, and saying she has a song that she would only be able to work on with West. This allegedly left Kardashian to just stare at her phone while the three talked.

"Beyoncé did talk to Kim to ask about North and speak about Blue Ivy, but Kim thought it was strange and polite," the source shared. "Kim felt left out and was on the brink of tears when they left."

It was possible that the couples were clearing the air. They have reportedly been on the outs because of how Beyoncé and Jay Z skipped out on attending Kardashian and West's wedding. Reports back in October even claimed that Kardashian was ignoring Beyoncé's calls and the latter had to find some way to apologize for ditching her, according to OK!.

The source that spoke to Heat begged to differ though, claiming that Kardashian and Beyoncé will never be close and that the date wasn't about "building a friendship."

"Kanye and Jay are close friends and it's important to them that their partners get along. They pretty much forced the ladies to sit down and talk," the source was quoted by OK as saying. "Beyoncé and Kim knew the meeting would attract a lot of attention, but it was something they needed to do."

Another source that talked to E! News claimed otherwise, however, saying that the couples probably just wanted to get together and have fun. They spent two hours talking and ended their get together around 2:30 a.m.

"It didn't seem like they were celebrating anything specific, just getting together while Bey and Jay are in town," the source shared, adding that Beyoncé was laughing a lot and looked happy.

Then again, she might have been happy talking to West, and not to Kardashian.

Whether or not fences were mended, the date ended in tears and the sources are correct, fans may never know.

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