Updated 07:11 PM EDT, Sat, Sep 26, 2020

'Borderlands 3' 2015 Release Date Set? Gearbox Teases Fans But Says 'Nothing to Tell'

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Gearbox Software promised a possible announcement about its upcoming action, role-playing game "Borderlands 3" during a panel at PAX South on Sunday, but they may have failed to deliver and only had gamers waiting even more, Inquisitr reported.

"Borderlands" is a first-person shooting video game franchise developed by Gearbox Software and published by Feral Interactive. The first game, "Borderlands," was released in 2009 and it was followed by "Borderlands 2" in 2012 and the second game's prequel "Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel!" in 2014.

Many are anticipating a third game to follow and were all the more excited to hear that Gearbox has some upcoming news in regards to "Borderlands 3."

The teaser comes from Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford, who answered a fan during the company's Q&A panel earlier in the day. He said that there may be news about the franchise coming out during their panel "Borderlands: Behind the Scenes" and invited fans to come.

At the panel, however, Pitchford did talk about a new addition coming to the "Borderlands" franchise, but there were no details provided and he did not confirm as to whether or not it was a game -- not even if it was the anticipated "Borderlands 3," according to IGN.

"We want to think about the future and we want to think about what the next 'Borderlands' is and we're going to need some help," Pitchford said. "The fact is, we're not working on a new 'Borderlands' game, but we want to."

He explained that the studio is looking for people to help them develop a new game, but other than that announcement, he said, "There's literally nothing to tell, but we're ready to start."

Following the announcement, the CEO took to Twitter to look for recruits for the new "Borderlands" game.

After the panel, Pitchford tweeted, "We want to hear from passionate and talented people to help us with next Borderlands game. Check our website!"

He also tweeted, "We are recruiting for next Borderlands. This is the big one. Industry badass? E-mail me: heyrandy@gearboxsoftware.com"

Some fans and gamers may be frustrated over the lack of actual news, but as some may remember, Pitchford has stated before that he was "scared" by the idea of "Borderlands 3," according to Game Spot.

During an interview, he said, "If there's going to be a Borderlands 3 and what that would be. We imagine what that might be and frankly it scared us."

"It's like, 'That's so crazy and so big that I'm not sure we can succeed'," he added.

Pitchford also tweeted later on: "easy to be excited with the ~idea~ of BL3. But creative priorities vs expectations needs respect."

With a new game coming and new minds being invited to work on the game, Pitchford may have possibly gotten over that fear.

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