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Someone Appears to be Fumbling With NASA's Curiosity Rover on Mars But Who? [Poll]

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UFO researcher and experts claim that there is actually a man on Mars, after a photo of the Mars Curiosity Rover seemingly showing the shadow of a "spaceman" performing maintenance on the lander appeared, Inquisitr reported.

The news originally comes from an email sent to UFO Sightings Daily, which showed a picture of what looked like a man tinkering with the Mars Curiosity Rover. The figure seemingly had no helmet on, so his or her short hair is visible, and had air tanks strapped to the back, giving the impression of a suit that covers most of the body, save for the hair.

Due to the photo, the writers of UFO Sightings Daily are now faced with three potential theories, namely that there are possibly aliens on Mars, that is in fact a man because the Curiosity Rover is actually on Earth and was never sent to Mars in the first place, or that maybe Gary McKinnon was right.

McKinnon may be familiar to some who are well aware of the hacker's reputation, having been allegedly responsible for what was called the "biggest military computer hack of all time" in 2002, according o Metro.

He claimed that Mars is actually an "off-world" base for members of the Pentagon called the "Non-Terrestrial Officers," and found classified documents which supported his theory, particularly the existence of 30 "Non-Terrestrial Officers" on Mars.

"I also got access to Excel spreadsheets," McKinnon claimed during the interview. "One was titled 'Non-Terrestrial Officers.' It contained names and ranks of U.S. Air Force personnel who are not registered anywhere else.'"

He added, "It also contained information about ship-to-ship transfers, but I've never seen the names of these ships anywhere else."

While some may find merit of sorts in McKinnon's theory, some are simply claiming that it is in fact, simply a shadow, according to Huffington Post.

And why not? Theories and conspiracies aside, it's also entirely possible that the photo captured the Curiosity Rover's own body as it casts a shadow across the Martian landscape. The angle might have just lent it a human shape, and UFO researchers are getting a bit too excited over an accident.

The author of UFO Investigations Manual Nigel Watson was fascinated with the photo, even calling it "incredible," but he also mentioned something similar, according to Metro. For one thing, it's not good for anyone to not wear a helmet on Mars.

"I think it is a case of 'seeing' what we want to see, to confirm our expectations and hopes," he said. "This underlines the fact that such things literally lurk in the shadows and play with our imagination."

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