Updated 03:29 PM EDT, Fri, Sep 25, 2020

'Fable Legends' Release Date, Beta & Gameplay Trailer: PC Version Allows Cross-Platform Multiplayer With Xbox One

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Microsoft announced that its cooperative roleplaying game "Fable Legends" will be coming out to the Xbox One and PC and will also be launched with a cross-platform multiplayer feature to allow players from both platforms to play the game together, Windows Central reported.

"Fable Legends" is published by Microsoft Studios and developed by Lionhead Studios. It's the fifth installment of the "Fable" series of video games and was initially announced as an Xbox exclusive in August 2013, followed by a trailer that was unveiled in August last year at Gamescom, according to Gamespot. Those who have been waiting for the game for a long time now will be happy to know that a version will also come out for the PC.

Microsoft formally announced the upcoming Windows 10, PC version of the game during the "Windows 10: The Next Chapter" event held on Wednesday in Redmond, Washington, according to another report on Game Spot.

Not only that, but the company also informed the crowd that the PC version will feature a cross-platform play with the upcoming Xbox One version to allow players to come together and play the games online.

Phil Spencer, the head of Microsoft's Xbox division, stated, "We think enabling people to play multiplayer games on Windows 10, across Xbox One and Windows 10, will unlock the potential of Xbox Life and grow the social network that's there today," according to IGN.

While Spencer and Microsoft made no mention of other games also sporting this feature, it seems likely given Spencer's optimism for the cross-platform feature.

Following the announcement, Lionhead Studios also posted a teaser video for the PC game, while the "Fable Legends" official website launched a PC-centric FAQ page. The system requirements have yet to be posted though, but Lionhead confirmed that the game will support DirectX 12 graphics options for those who have a DX12 video card.

While Microsoft promised a release sometime this year, they didn't reveal an estimated date. However, the game is expected to come late in the year at the same time for both the Xbox and PC versions, according to PC Gamer.

The schedule for the beta testing is different though. Interested gamers can sign up for the testing on the "Fable Legends" official site, but so far, the FAQ page only stated that the Windows 10 beta testing will begin "soon." Given the exclusivity of the game to the Windows 10, gamers should also remember that they need to be a part of the Windows 10 Technical Preview if they want to be eligible for the beta testing.

There are high hopes for "Fable Legends" given its new cross-platform features and fans are hopeful it delivers when it comes out before the end of the year.

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