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5 Seconds of Summer News 2015: Ashton Irwin Without Beard - Yay or Nay? [Poll]

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Fans of 5 Seconds of Summer suffered a loss today, and it's all at the hands of the band's drummer Ashton Irwin who has finally shaved off his holiday beard over the weekend, MTV reported.

Irwin tweeted about it on Monday, posting a picture of himself sans beard and the words, "The holiday beard is... GONE" coupled with a sad emoji.

He followed it up by tweeting with his own hashtag "#RIPASHTONSBEARD."

Irwin's more than 3.3 million Twitter followers, as well his and the band's fans were quick to spread the news and even quicker to talk about it until the hashtag #RIPASHTONSBEARD started trending.

Reactions ranged from confused, heartbroken, very distraught, and those who were pretty okay with it, realistic over the loss of a simple beard, hopeful for a future reunion with the said beard and even a few memes being thrown about in response to the loss.

A user tweeted, "I'm sad bc I want it back :(" while another user was trying to move on, tweeting, "I'm gonna create a playlist on Spotify of songs to mourn Ashton's holiday beard."

A user named Christine tweeted, "Ashton murdered his beard," while another was fine with it and said, "Bye beard! Hello jawline!!X3"

So heavy were the fans' hearts that someone already launched a Twitter account in memory of Irwin's beard @RIPASHTONSBEARD: "An account in memory of Ashton Fletcher Irwin's holiday beard that is no more. RIP."

Irwin most likely spruced up in preparation for the band's upcoming tour, according to Unreality TV.

He, alongside 5 Seconds of Summer bandmates Calum Hood, Michael Clifford and Luke Hemmings, are set to embark on their world tour "Rock Out With Your Socks Out" starting May. They will hit North America, Australia, Asia and Europe.

Fans do still have more to look forward to, or not look forward to in some cases, aside from Irwin's clean-shaven jaw.

In the midst of the beard drama, the band's guitarist, Hood, sent out a tweet about the new 5 Seconds of Summer material.

"Wrote 2 songs at the end of last year with @JohnFeldy and theyre easily my favourite we've ever written. So excite for this next record!!" he tweeted.

It's certainly good news as fans await more news about the band's next follow-up album to last year's debut "5 Seconds of Summer." Also, the new songs will not only excite fans, but also hopefully help some of them get over the loss of Irwin's beard. Who knows, maybe the facial hair will make a guest appearance while the boys are out on the road on tour.

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