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iPad Mini 4 Release Date, Specs & Features: Rumors Point to Q2 2015 Launch

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Apple is still keeping mum on the state of its upcoming iPad Mini 4, but rumors have it that interested consumers might not have to wait too long to know more as the tablet is set to come out sometime in the second quarter of this year, with some interesting and topnotch specs, Inquisitr reported.

The electronics giant came out with the iPad Mini 3 in October 2014 with not much fanfare. Many pointed out that the upgrade to the new tablet was minimal at best, despite promising a tablet that may be small but still on par as being among the best tablets there are.

This time, Apple seems to have learned its lesson as reports stated that the company is planning a tablet that's much better than its predecessor.

There's not much news on the specs and features of the iPad Mini 4, but it's been said that it will come out with the A8X processor, which is similar to the iPad Air 2, will also follow through with its thinner design, according to Mac World.

The iPad Mini 4 is also said to be coming out sometime in spring, possibly April, which is a surprise to some as Apple usually released their iPad Mini models in October, according to Customs Today. Not only that, but it's been reported that the iPad Mini and iPad Mini 3 will end up being discontinued, with only the iPad Mini 2 left as an affordable available option.

Further stories even claimed that the iPad Pro will be released alongside the iPad Mini 4 in April, or possibly a little later on in June.

Apple usually keeps mum in the face of rumors, so until an official source or representative clears the news, consumers are left clutching their iPad Mini 3s until an upgrade becomes available.

Overall, some aren't surprised over Apple hurrying it up with the iPad Mini 4, especially after its line of tablets have seen a decrease in sales and started casting doubts over the continued relevance of the Apple iPad, according to Inquisitr.

As reported by the Wired last year, Apple CEO Tim Cook claimed that the drop in sales was all due a balance of supply and demand, saying that it may be due to the company's reduction in channel inventory and also the holiday quarter backlogging their iPad Mini sales.

It can be argued that the reason for the decrease in iPad sales may be due to consumers' patronage of the iPhone, specifically the iPhone 6 Plus, according to Inquisitr. However, it remains to be seen if Apple's latest iPad offerings will be able to turn things around and improve the sales enough to show that iPads are still hot commodity.

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