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'Resident Evil: Revelations 2' Release Date Delayed! Gameplay, Trailer & Price Info Here

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Capcom recently announced that they have decided to delay the release of the first episode of "Resident Evil: Revelations 2," though gamers can breathe a sigh of relief since it will only be a week late, Game Spot reported.

"Revelations 2" is the tenth installment of Capcom's survival horror game franchise and fans have been eagerly awaiting its release for a while now, which was originally scheduled for Feb. 17. However, the Japanese video game developer stated that gamers may have to wait just a little bit longer.

"In an effort to fine-tune the final product, we've moved the release of the first episode back just one week to February 24," the company stated through their official blog on Wednesday.

Alongside the delay of the first episode, that also meant a shift in schedule for the rest. Have no fear though, as Capcom also released the new release dates for the other episodes, and also posted two new videos of the creepy enemies players will be encountering in the game.

"Revelations 2" Episode 1 will come out on Feb. 24 for PlayStation consoles in the United States, and will come out a day later for the PlayStation consoles in Europe, and in Xbox Live and Steam.

The same goes for the other episodes: Episode 2 will come out on March 3, Episode 3 will come out March 10 and Episode 4 will come out on March 17, all in the PlayStation consoles in the US with other consoles and stores to launch them the day after.

Each episode also comes with extra scenes between the characters, such as Claire and Moira and another between Barry and Natalia. There is also a Raid Mode content that pertains to each episode, with more info set to be released soon.

Individual episodes can be purchased for $5.99 each, though gamers can get the full season for $24.99 or a retail disc for $39.99 which comes with some extra bonus content.

Release dates aside, Capcom also released the video previews of two new creatures Orthrus and Sploder, showing them in all their creepy glory.

"Revelations 2" tells the story of Claire Redfield, who is a new employee of Terra Save, an anti-bioterrorism organization. Her feat spans the four episodes, showing her adventures with a new protagonist named Moira Burton. The pair wakes up inside an abandoned detention facility which can be found in the middle of a remote island with no recollection of how they got there, according to IGN.

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